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When Kia enters the MPV market, should domestic Jiahua sell "joint venture price" or "domestic price"?

2021-08-26 02:57:42 Driving horizon G

Products are linked to demand , This is the eternal law in the market .

Demand is expanding , New products will naturally spring up one after another .

More people are buying , Three or two products are bound to fail to satisfy consumers' critical eyes , For example, the medium and high-end at this stage MPV market , Three child policy 、 Seven seats are exempted from inspection for six years , Users are more comfortable MPV The demand for models has soared , Look at the products in this market , Its richness is far less than cars or SUV, This also makes many car companies like this one “ dividend ”, They have devoted themselves to the middle and high-end MPV In the shaping of the model .

VW awed last year 5 First listing in January , Toyota's domestic version of Saina will also be in 8 month 28 First appearance on the th , At the same time this year 9 There is also a new medium and high-end MPV The coming , This model is Kia's entry into China MPV Market leader - Domestic Jiahua , So does it have the ability to compete with Saina 、 Wei Ran and GL8 The strength to compete for the market .

From the brand point of view , The public 、 Toyota, as the mainstream first-line brand in China , With aura and heat , Can easily catch the user's eye , Buick GL8 There is no need to say more about the persistence heat of , In this regard, Kia is undoubtedly the underdog , This also means that Kia Jiahua needs to compare Weiran if it wants to break out of the pattern in the future 、 Saina 、GL8 When you have a price 、 Based on the dual advantages of product power , like “ Second tier luxury cars ” The way of life , The brand is not strong enough and the cost performance is low . So before the price is announced , We might as well first understand the properties of the product , See if it can catch people's eyes ?

The car is based on the third generation i-GMP Platform to build , Compared with the old platform, in addition to the comfort of the vehicle 、 Security 、 Lightweight and driving pleasure are optimized , Design language is also its biggest change , Using a new Logo style , And the body adopts a large number of linear design elements , The outlined car body gives a very avant-garde visual feeling , And full of a certain sense of strength .

Front face matrix air intake grille 、 Tail through LED Headlights 、 Petal rim with black and silver sides and blackened tail D Column, etc , Are more mainstream design elements , In line with the consumer aesthetics of this era . At the same time, the car also maintained MPV Basic design elements , Like side sliding doors , An electric button device is added at the door handle , There is no need to pull up when opening and closing the door normally , Just press , More friendly configuration, but this is also most MPV All models are equipped with devices .

Mainstream design elements are integrated into the vehicle interior , For example, dual screen 、 Air conditioning outlet through the centre console 、 Rotary shift mechanism and touch function key area, etc , The overall style is simple 、 Capable without losing a sense of Technology , Materials , The upper part of the center console is basically made of soft materials , Although it's not made of leather, it still feels good ; The wood grain veneer is not missing , This is an important element to decorate the center console , While highlighting the hierarchical effect, it also increases the texture of the interior ; And around the door , That is to say, the positions that users often touch are covered with soft real leather , accord with MPV The model focuses on comfortable tonality .

The size of the car is 5155/1995/1795mm, Wheelbase length 3090mm, With the public 、 buick GL8 And domestic Saina keep the same level .

exceed 5.1m The length and proximity of 2m The wide body gives the space inside the car, which will naturally be very wide and comfortable , Especially the second row seats , It also has an electrically adjustable independent leg support , Plus thicker seats and heating 、 Ventilation and other functions , The comfort has reached the average standard of the same level , But the only pity is that the front and rear of the second row seats 、 Both left and right adjustments need to be operated manually , According to the configuration, it is already a high configuration model , More or less minus points .

It is worth mentioning that there is also a high-definition camera above the head of the second row seat , In order to “ monitor ” Rear passengers , For example, when the passengers rest , Drivers and passengers can check the situation and status of passengers in the back row without looking back through the large screen , And make adjustments such as music volume , At the same time, the car also integrates “ Conversation mode ”, Turn on the sound receiver to amplify the human voice in the front and rear rows , It will also be easier to communicate .

The third row seats use MPV Common storage methods of vehicle models , However, it does not support electric storage , Instead, it needs to be folded through the handle behind the seat back , When it is down, it can present a flat trunk space , This is also the current medium and large-scale MPV The common design of the model in order to expand the trunk space .

As for intelligence, the car has not released relevant data yet , But according to kia K5 From the same vehicle engine system , The functions of internal integration are only much more , Like voice interaction 、 Remote control 、 Customize the interface and L2 The first-class intelligent driving assistance system will not be missing .

Besides , The car also uses a new powertrain , Equipped with 2.0T The maximum power is 233 A horsepower engine , matching 8AT transmission , And the overseas version 3.5L The power system will be put on hold , But for now GL8、 Weiran and other models , Jiahua's powertrain has also been regarded as the mainstream standard .

summary : Medium and high end MPV The heat of the continuous promotion of the market , Let major car companies compete first and then show off heavy new models , Kia Jiahua entered China as Kia MPV The first product in the market , It maintains Kia's consistent calm shaping style , There are not many bright spots, nor are there short boards , It belongs to a product with balanced strength in the market , But as mentioned above, Kia needs to consider the differences between its own brand and mainstream brands , Therefore, pricing has become the most critical factor of this model , Set high with GL8 Wait, the price difference is too small , Users can choose GL8 Such as old brand products , When the price is set low, it will be divided into domestic trumpchi M8 And other models , therefore , Should Kia continue to be a joint venture or should it take the people-friendly line , Let's see .

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