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With a mass gene blessing and a monthly sales of 3000 + vehicles, why is it difficult for Jetta VS7 to enter the "mainstream stage"?

2021-08-26 02:57:57 Driving horizon G

It is said that , Back against the tree to enjoy the cool .

In whatever field , If a newly established brand wants to break out of the pattern quickly , The most direct and effective way is to find a brand with qualifications and background , And add the advantages of the brand to their own products , So as to strengthen market competitiveness .

For example, FAW Volkswagen Jetta , As an independent sub brand of FAW Volkswagen ,2019 When it was founded at the beginning of the year, I thought that relying on a mass gene could become the focus of the market , But two years later, it is still tepid in the market .

Jetta VS7 Positioning medium SUV, It is also a joint venture product , But with domestic compact SUV Keep the same price range ,10.68 Ten thousand yuan -13.68 Ten thousand yuan also looks attractive , But looking back at the sales of the car , Month only 3000+ car , There is a big gap compared with the mainstream models , So such a seemingly competitive product , With a mass genetic blessing , Why is it difficult to board “ Mainstream stage ” Well ?

The author briefly summarizes , There are four reasons :

One 、 The engine lacks highlights

jetta VS7 Carrying Volkswagen EA211-1.4T engine , The most powerful 150 horsepower , Peak torque 250 cattle · rice .

To be honest , If you put aside the aura of the public , This engine doesn't really have many highlights , On Changan blue whale in the field of domestic power NE、 Great Wall GW4B15 And Rongwei 、 Trumpchi's 1.5T Better than the public EA211, And the fuel economy of this engine is only at the medium level of the industry , No Toyota 、 Honda 、 Nissan saves fuel , There is no strong domestic power to break out , If you have to say its advantages, it may only be mature 、 Stable , But know that this is measured from the perspective of the present stage , Maturity, stability and durability are just a foundation , Even domestic engines have the same properties .

Two 、 Lack of technology configuration

If you know Jetta carefully VS7 After this product, you will find , even 13.68 The science and technology configuration of the top configuration model of 10000 yuan is also one stage worse than that of domestic vehicles , Even the more basic configuration is insufficient , For example, LCD meters 、 Remote start 、 Intelligent air conditioner is made in China at the same level SUV Basically, they are presented in the form of standard configuration of the whole system , And Jetta VS7 None of the top configurations are fully equipped, let alone more advanced natural voice interaction 、 Automatic parking 、 High level intelligent technology configuration such as driving assistance system and car home interconnection , When the car fully enters the intelligent stage , jetta VS7 It can be described by the word "backward" .

3、 ... and 、 The interior and exterior decoration style is old

jetta VS7 The appearance of this is the traditional public SUV The outline of , It makes people look lack of novelty , At the same time, some decorative elements or exquisite design have not been added to the top of the body , Like the front and rear headlights , Neither sharp nor delicate , Coupled with the appearance of nothing new , It even makes the whole vehicle look old-fashioned , Deviated from the contemporary pursuit of movement 、 Personalized consumer aesthetics .

The same is true inside the cabin , Sit in and smell the same “ Popular flavor ”, The steering wheel 、 The gear lever and integrated functional control area are designed in the previous generation of Volkswagen design language , The only thing that can show the effect of science and technology is this 10 Inch center control large screen , But you should know that this is also the standard configuration in the market , In addition, a large number of plastic lining materials are paved around the central control , There is basically no grade or scientific and technological atmosphere , The intuitive feeling is single 、 obsolete , Not to mention the high quality of materials 、 Full of domestic technology SUV disparity , It can't even compare with Nissan 、 Toyota 10 Ten thousand products .

Four 、 body / The space does not match the positioning

jetta VS7 Positioning is medium SUV, But the size of the car is 4624/1841/1644-2730mm, Compared with domestic compact SUV changan CS75PLUS、 The harvard H6 And so on are basically the same , Even the two are bigger than Jetta VS7 More eye-catching , At the same time, Jetta VS7 Nor did it play a medium-sized role SUV The advantages of .

As a whole , jetta VS7 Compared with domestic products at the same price SUV There are few advantages , Perhaps in 5 The launch of such a product years ago can rely on a joint venture 、 Popular genes and 10 The three advantages of 10000 price are very popular , But now the domestic momentum is fierce , Even the share of popular brands has been swallowed up , The newly established sub brand may not be cool even if it is backed by a big tree .

More importantly , At this stage, consumers are gradually changing from “ Brand selection ” Arrived “ Quality car selection ” The stage of , signify “ A joint venture ” Two words will no longer be the reason for car prices to soar high prices , Who can let consumers enjoy better quality at the same price 、 Who can occupy the absolute market share of textured products , And Jetta VS7 And domestic 10 All level SUV The gap is far , therefore , This is also worthy of its sales .

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