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Late arrival, but with good strength, 252 horsepower, 7.5S acceleration, VIP class comfort, much more fragrant than CRV

2021-08-26 02:58:02 Driving horizon G

Early years , be in “ Ignorant period ” The consumer , The pursuit of cars is also very simple , A name brand 、 An eye-catching appearance 、 Affordable properties and price in line with budget , Can successfully win the user's attention , But now it's different , The change of time 、 The change of times and the accumulation of independent automobile industry , It has greatly improved the vision of consumers , Maybe I used to choose a home SUV when , They'll come from Honda with their eyes closed CRV、 Toyota RAV4、 View of the public way L And other joint venture products , But now many users' consumption awareness has changed significantly . In addition to durability 、 High beauty is worth more than , Intelligence 、 Large space and efficient power have also become the rigid needs of users when buying a car , There is no doubt that there is only one kind of independent product that can encapsulate all these characteristics and has a high cost performance , therefore , We can see that the pattern of the automobile market has changed , Independent brands have become “ Cheng Yaojin killed halfway ”, Not only seize the market share of the joint venture , At the same time, it improves the industry average product manufacturing standard .

Driven by domestic cars , Joint venture brands are also constantly enriching their product power , Japanese 、 ashkenazi 、 The United States and other departments all have different degrees of product improvement lines , Or increase the body size and space, or develop intelligent technology configuration , In short, compared with the previous qualitative changes , And domestic cars are not complacent or stagnant , Instead, it has opened a new round of product innovation , In order to face stronger and stronger competitors . What you can see is , In the last year or two, many classic products of independent auto enterprises have come to a new stage , Compared with the previous products, the name can be well distinguished , For example, Chang'an CS75 Promotion to CS75 PLUS、 The more the auspicious star changes to the more the star L, Including Rongwei RX5 PLUS、 Tiggo or dingle 8PLUS Etc. are added to the original name “PLUS、L” Or some other suffix , On the one hand, it implies the product power of comprehensive innovation , On the other hand, it represents the most advanced manufacturing technology and the most stringent molding standards of various car enterprises at this stage .

After these products have been released one after another , Recently, another product has been upgraded , This car is GAC motor GS4 An upgraded version of trumpchi GS4 PLUS, Know that 2016/2017/2018 Trumpchi GS4 Its sales volume is second only to Harvard H6, The monthly sales of twenty or thirty thousand vehicles is as casual as usual , Trumpchi based on such a product GS4 PLUS What kind of expressiveness will it have , At the same time, it also cooperates with joint ventures with higher prices at the same level SUV What kind of advantage does it present in the competition , Let's explore .

On the mechanical system , The kei GS4 PLUS Keep the domestic car as always “ High level ” advantage , The portal is equipped with 1.5T engine , The most powerful 169 horsepower , Peak torque 265 cattle · rice , Although there are not many highlights , But the matching transmission system is Aisin 6AT transmission , Compared with the public at the same level 、 Toyota 、 Honda 、 Nissan carries CVT as well as 7DCT transmission , Higher reliability and durability .

however 1.5T The version is not the essence of the car , high power 2.0T That's the point. , Made in JuLang platform , It can be called the strongest in its class 2.0T engine , The maximum power is 252 horsepower , Peak torque reached 390 cattle · rice , It also matches Aisin 6AT transmission , Speed up 7.5s, Have more than the public 2.0T Explore the mountain 、 View of path L(220 horsepower ) More powerful and rapid power output , Not to mention Honda CRV Of 1.5T engine , The gap in daily driving is also quite obvious , In addition to the gap in power output capacity , The actual experience is also completely different , After all, trumpchi GS4 PLUS Because of the master chassis adjustment and the software and hardware provided by major well-known manufacturers , Make it have sports car level braking effect ,100km/h The lower braking distance is only 35.17 rice , and CRV And RAV4 Both in 39 Before and after meters , More 4 The buffer distance of meters can reduce the risk index of vehicles at special times , Run fast and stop .

The kei GS4 PLUS In addition to the advantages of dynamic control to catch up with and surpass the same level CRV Wait outside the car , In terms of riding experience, it also has a rolling performance , Because the car has 4710/1885/1726mm The length, width and height of 2710mm Wheelbase length , Not only better than Changan at the same level CS75 PLUS、 roewe RX5 PLUS Slightly larger , Compared with the more expensive Honda CRV(4621/1855/1679-2661mm) Various dimensional parameters also have certain advantages , Plus the car 670L-1450L The boot space , Both riding space and practicability are better than Honda CRV.

meanwhile , In order to further enrich driving comfort , And for the whole car NVH the 360 Degree optimization design , Have 12 A top-level detail silencing technology and multiple sound absorption and insulation designs , Also in the hood 、 High pressure fuel injection system external 、 Expansion chamber 、 Advanced sound insulation cotton material is added at the air inlet position , Even in tire selection, there are strict tire skin noise 、 Stiffness index , Everywhere for NVH The details pile up , Plus the form of strong protection of the spine 、 Strong skin friendly leather material and strong fit and support “0” Pressure sensitive seat , The overall ride comfort has reached the VIP class , At the same level CRV And other joint venture models are completely two different classes .

Of course , In the era of developing intelligent vehicles , Chinese brands have become pioneers , Because high configuration is the core competitiveness when domestic cars are emerging , Development has now risen to the stage of intelligent development , No more blind heap configuration , But rely on the attainments of car enterprises to develop a set of intelligent cockpit that meets the needs of users , Like trumpchi GS4 PLUS This super sensory interactive intelligent cockpit , It integrates a number of advanced technologies , Including parent-child care 、 Car home Internet 、 Intelligent entertainment 、 Safety monitoring and other functions , Realize the immersive intelligent interactive experience of the whole scene . On the security configuration , The car carries 15 All round ADAS Driving AIDS , Lane keep 、 Lane departure warning 、 Parallel auxiliary functions are equipped , Reached L2 Level automatic driving level , And later you can also pass OTA Continuously optimize various functions , Ensure that users can still enjoy the most advanced and avant-garde intelligent configuration after many years , You know, this is Honda CRV The top equipped models do not have the attributes , This will also enhance the user experience .

To make a long story short , The kei GS4 PLUS Although than RX5 PLUS、 changan CS75 PLUS Or the auspicious star L Wait a little late , But the strength is not vulgar , Even with Honda, the sales benchmark in the same level CRV Compared with in the riding space / comfort 、 Cabin intelligence 、 Power output, control and other aspects have no inferior expressiveness , And the entry-level version of the car only 12.68 Ten thousand yuan , The top configuration is not enough 15 Ten thousand yuan , Than CRV It smells much better , It can be called the strongest in its class SUV.

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