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It is simple and fashionable for the slightly fat girl to wear in the early autumn with a square neck long sleeved top and raw jeans

2021-08-26 03:05:02 Oriental Information automobile

After the beginning of autumn , After two weeks of intermittent rainfall , It makes the hot weather cool a lot , I really have the feeling of autumn . The first summer solar term is coming soon , The beginning of autumn represents the coming of autumn , The summer vacation indicates that summer is coming to an end . At the turn of summer and Autumn , With the change of temperature , People's clothes naturally need some changes .

But we all know that late summer and early autumn , It is an awkward season when summer is not over and autumn is not coming , In this awkward season, daily wear has naturally become a difficult problem for girls before traveling , So it's necessary to know how to dress in late summer and early autumn . Especially for those fat girls , I don't know how to wear it in this season , I wonder if you have such a feeling ?

Many people say that fat body is not good to wear , So many fat girls are always afraid to try different collocations . Especially in this embarrassing season , Girls with slightly fat bodies are even more worried . Actually , As long as you're not overweight or obese , In addition to the special custom clothes , What's the big problem with other body styles .

Especially for those girls who are slightly fat , You don't have to worry about your clothes , Because the slightly fat figure can't control what kind of clothes with snake waist , Conventional clothes are easy to wear , And the effect is also very good . Take the following little sister with a slightly fat figure for analysis !

The little sister's figure is not so much slightly fat , It's better to say that fullness is more appropriate , Such a figure makes others envy , But I may feel a burden , Because the daily clothes bring me a lot of trouble . But here, my little sister handled it very well , She chose a slim long sleeved square neck top to match . Loose and slightly tight style , On the contrary, it has the effect of self-cultivation .

And the simple and loose square collar design , And helped the little sister solve the embarrassing situation of plump figure , It doesn't look too revealing , But it can highlight the figure . It's just the right upper body to wear , At the same time, the mysterious black body design , There is a bit more mature charm on the body , It makes the whole person look more fashionable .

Wear the following age reducing jeans , High waist pants , Wear it together to reduce the age effect is very good . Add light blue pants and you'll lose your age , Match with the fashionable hairy hem trim , It's more fashionable to wear . Pair with sexy stilettos , It seems that the whole person is tall and confident , At the same time, it has its own unique intellectual beauty of women , Simple yet stylish , Elegant and charming . ( Statement : Original text , Plagiarism will investigate , Picture from the Internet , If there is any infringement , Please contact to delete .)

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