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War "epidemic" log Xiang Xue Ming: the responsibility and mission of medical workers, let us never shrink back

2021-08-26 03:09:02 Red Net

Editor's note : The Doctors , Great medical sincerity .8 month 19 Day is the fourth Chinese doctor's day . At present , war “ Epidemic disease ” It's not over yet ,“ Final examination ” It's still going on . From now on , Red Net Development 《 war “ Epidemic disease ” journal 》 special column , The first-line medical staff in Hunan were selected as the object , In the form of rescue log , Record their daily work , Show them to defend the Hunan position for the overall situation of the national anti epidemic 、 Show the fearless spirit of Hunan .

Xiang Xue Ming , Written on the back of the protective clothing “ best ” To encourage yourself .

Red net reporter Li Lu Zhang Meng The intern Meng Zhiru Comprehensive report

Xiang Xue Ming , He is a doctor in the infection department of Zhangjiajie people's Hospital , They are also the backbone of young people participating in the second anti epidemic campaign . The infection department is one of the main positions since the normalization of epidemic prevention and control , Xiang Xue Ming has been running on the front line of anti epidemic . Xiang Xue Ming wrote in his diary ,“ For the work of the anti epidemic front line , It's impossible not to be afraid , But the duty and mission of medical workers make us fearless 、 Never flinch .”

Here are her records :

since 7 month 20 Since then , The situation of epidemic prevention and control in Zhangjiajie is very serious , Fever clinic as a sentinel for epidemic prevention and control 、 Pacesetter , Its role and significance are very important . My colleagues and I responded positively to the call of the Party committee of Zhangjiajie people's hospital , Under the leadership of the section director , Put people's health and life safety in the first place , Hold the post responsibility above your head , Firmly stick to the forefront of fever clinic .

7 month 21 Day in the morning 8 spot , Just took over , I got a call :“ To the doctor , A hotel in Wulingyuan has 200 Many tourists are directly or indirectly related to Nanjing , You need to go to the hotel immediately to complete the nucleic acid collection task .” I immediately formed a team with my colleagues 5 A team of people went to the hotel . When everyone is busy with gongs and drums , It's afternoon 2 spot . They hurried to the hospital , But the news is that there are a lot of tourists 、 Wave after wave , All need to check the new crown .

Seriously understaffed , But we must not let nucleic acid testers get together . With the support and help of the hospital leaders and superior competent departments , Start the emergency plan immediately , More than medical staff from other departments have been sent to support the fever clinic , At the same time 5 A consulting room , All of us are sincerely United 、 Up and down together , Get into combat quickly .

The next days , We passed the most difficult early stage of the epidemic 7 God , A large number of nucleic acid collection teams pressed on the fever clinic . The number of people per day is less than 300 or 400 , More than 4000 people . The air disinfector in the consulting room is noisy when running , Wear protective clothing in hot summer , Wearing N95 masks 、 Face screen , It's hard to listen to people , We had to raise our voice , A long time , Mouth parched and tongue scorched , Sweating like a pig , Everyone is connected , Extremely hard .

To avoid going to the bathroom , We try not to drink water , Lose water because of sweating , Everyone is extremely weak every time they take off their protective clothing . We not only need to preliminarily complete the registration of epidemiological history 、 Screening , We should also report various situations to the hospital infection department and the epidemic prevention and control headquarters . Which link goes wrong , Can lead to irreparable losses .

Patients in fever clinics need to wait for nucleic acid results , Patients often complain 、 incomprehension , Some patients are anxious and panic , It takes us a lot of time to patiently explain and appease . Many patients have weak awareness of prevention , We should do a good job in educating them on protection knowledge , This is also a test of the comprehensive quality of our doctors .

7 month 29 Japan , Fever patients screened for the first positive case of new coronavirus nucleic acid test. . The hospital immediately launched novel coronavirus pneumonia emergency response plan , As a member of the first echelon of medical treatment , Immediately go to the eastern isolation ward to receive the first patient .

There's no time to ask , I simply pack , Go straight to the isolation ward . The epidemic is fierce ,“ The delta ” It's highly contagious , Some relatives and friends persuaded me not to go if I could , But here comes the epidemic , As an infection doctor , I have no objection , Be one's unshirkable responsibility . Arrive at the isolation ward , The leaders of the hospital told that the big housework must be adjusted , Strictly implement disinfection and isolation , To ensure the safety of patients, we should also ensure our own safety .

Work deployment , The first patient was in 7 month 29 Japan 11 Arrive at the ward around . The patient was excited when he first came , Afraid of being looked down upon by relatives, friends and society , And worried about infecting relatives and friends , Heavy guilt . Nurse Lian Guoqing and I had a talk about it 2 Hour psychological counseling , Finally, the patient's mood gradually calmed down .

Wait until the doctor's order is ready 、 Write the case , It's afternoon 5 spot , The next doctor came to take over . Drag the tired body , I took off my protective clothing , Found the hair inside 、 The clothes are already wet , Red marks were made on his face , The skin of the nose has been worn out , Gloves wrinkle hands with sweat , I drank a large bottle of water at one go .

As a person, I have 10 Infection doctor with years of experience , My diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases , Such as bacteria 、 There is rich clinical experience in the diagnosis and treatment of viral infection . As the backbone of the Department , I not only assist the director to complete the daily management of the Department , At the same time, provide guidance to young doctors from a professional perspective , Also don't forget to teach students to take patients as teachers , Diligent in thinking , Be diligent in observation . Many times “ Advanced workers ”“ Good doctors ”“ Excellent teachers ” The title of , And won the clinical medicine group of young teachers competition of Hunan Normal University “ The third prize ”, Liver disease professional committee of Hunan Medical Association “ Best case sharing Award ”.

This time, “ The delta ” The incubation period or passage interval is shortened , Communication capacity is strengthening , The speed of propagation is accelerating , There is no effective antiviral program at present , Mainly take symptomatic comprehensive treatment , However, we still need to use the best medical resources to give every patient the most active and best treatment plan . At the same time, do a good job of self-protection , wash hands more often , Frequent disinfection .

For the work of the anti epidemic front line , It's impossible not to be afraid , But the duty and mission of medical workers make us fearless 、 Never flinch .“ Yellow sand battle armor , If you don't break Loulan, you will never return it ”, We should stick to our posts with our professional technology and professionalism , Build a strong fortress to protect people's health , Fight the epidemic with practical actions , In order to win this war without gunpowder smoke .

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