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It is said that the car is the second home. I believe it when I see Gaohe silicone leather

2021-08-26 03:10:08 Oriental Information automobile

For people who often drive , The car is our second home , It is not only a space to shelter us from the wind and rain , It also gives us a sense of belonging . So how can we make this home more comfortable ? We can start from the details , Starting from the seat materials that directly contact our bodies . As Ding Lei, founder of Gaohe automobile, said :“ In addition to being comfortable to use in the car 、 Feel beyond the leather , There are still a lot of engineering needs to meet , At the same time, it should be able to provide wear resistance beyond leather 、 Stain resistance 、 high reliability .” And the global launch of Dow, jointly launched by Gaohe automobile LUXSENSE The application of silicone leather on the vehicle end has done .

LUXSENSE Silicone leather is China's leading innovative travel technology company, Chinese express and the world 500 strong 、 Dow, the global leader in materials science, took three years , Jointly developed the world's first innovative material approved for automotive interior . It is different from ordinary leather , No harmful solvents and plasticizers , Tasteless and nonvolatile , At the same time, it also has a unique skin touch , Not only in wear resistance 、 Aging resistance 、 Antifouling property 、 The flame retardancy has reached a new level , It also has anti wrinkle 、 Easy to clean, etc . And this new material will be the first to be used in luxury intelligent electric vehicle Gaohe HiPhi X On , And in 9 In June, the fabric matching of the leather light color interior was officially opened , Let users enjoy unprecedented technology luxury sensory experience .

It is worth mentioning that , This is not the first time that Chinese express and Dow have developed innovative materials , As early as 2018 In, the two sides have reached strategic cooperation , And based on “ Smart car 、 Zhijie transportation 、 Smart city ” Deep recognition of the three wisdom strategy , As well as the leading vehicle development ability of Chinese express and the top innovation strength of Dow in the field of material science , Together, we have promoted 12 Research and development of innovative materials , Among them, those that have been implemented and applied are 8 term , Except silicone leather , It also includes the acoustic foam displayed last year at the third China Import fair 、 new type TC Series of innovative achievements such as battery thermal conductive materials .

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