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Geely has another "shell changing" SUV! Boyue x declaration picture exposure, radical style, 1.8T

2021-08-26 03:10:12 Oriental Information automobile

As one of the most influential independent brands in China , Geely has developed rapidly in the past two years , Whether in the middle or low-end fields , Or in the high-end field , Substantial progress has been made , It has created a series of models suitable for the needs of Chinese people , Especially at the high end SUV field , The more stars L、 Led the g 09 Waiting for a new car has become a hot spot in the current market , Today we are going to talk about another new car recently exposed by Geely —— Bo Yue X, In terms of naming form , Follow the public Tiguan X、 Tu ang X cut from the same cloth , It's a young and sporty car .

From the naming, we can see , Bo Yue X With Bo Yue PRO equally , It's another boyue “ Shell change ” models , Compared with Bo Yue PRO, Bo Yue X The design is more radical , The front face adopts the latest design concept of the family , The brand-new spindle air intake grille has a bit of Lexus shadow , The complex interior design occupies most of the front face , It looks very exaggerated , The light groups on both sides basically continue the cash , No major adjustments , The front surround below moves a lot , It further strengthens the movement breath of the front face .

As for the body , Bo Yue X Not as radical as everyone expected , Instead, it continues the modeling of cash boyue , The full shape looks very heavy , Straight through waistline from A The pillar extends all the way to the tail lamp , A variety of color decorative strips are added below , Add the fashion flavor of the body , In addition, in terms of details , Hub style 、 Calipers as well as tail markings are optional , Meet the personalized needs .

In the tail , The overall shape also continues the cash , It looks full and thick , But the details are also slightly adjusted , For example, a variety of extended decorative strips are added to the rear surround , And outlines the outline of the exhaust pipe , Actually , The tail row adopts a hidden design , Besides , The brand recognition of tail lights is very high , The effect after lighting is very eye-catching , The end of the letter presents a high-end side .

interiors , There is no clear message yet , It is expected to continue cash boyue PRO The design of the , And adjust the details on this basis , For example, add decorative strips of various colors , Echo with fashionable and novel appearance , The suspended central control panel is also expected to be installed in boyue X It appears that , As for the specific performance , We have to wait for the interior drawing to be released . Finally, predict the power , Combined with the previous Bo Yue PRO In terms of power performance , Bo Yue X It is expected to carry that 1.8T Turbocharged engine , And is expected to add one 2.0T power , Power transmission , And what matches that is 7 Double clutch gearbox , And also equipped with four-wheel drive system , Such power can be said to be very strong , Cater to the needs of young consumers . About boyue X, Are you looking forward to ?

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