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Interpretation of Toyota ELFA configuration, is this car also a "symbol of identity"

2021-08-26 03:10:15 Oriental Information automobile

When it comes to raising the price of a car , ELFA imported from Toyota should be quite representative in China , As a high-end household MPV models , Its popularity in the Chinese market is really exaggerated , Fortunately, with wilfa and Lexus LM Launch , The price increase is not as exaggerated as it was in the early days . There is no denying that , ELFA does have a strong aura , High end MPV One of the very limited options in the market ; For families with good conditions , ELFA is also their favorite means of travel . ELFA's value and positioning in the domestic market today , In fact, it has been divorced from the value system of the product itself , The heat comes entirely from the recognition of his identity . This article will focus on 2021 Toyota imported ELFA integral , And the configuration differences between different versions of the whole series , Hope to provide consumers with some reference value .

This year, 6 month , Officially listed in China 2021 Toyota ELFA twin engine , A total of 3 models , Price range 83.90-92.00 Ten thousand yuan , Compared with the old model, the new enjoy model ( Overseas Sports Edition ); besides , The price of the new model is also higher than that of the old model , The luxury version and the noble version are expensive respectively 2 Ten thousand yuan , The actual price on hand depends on the market , There will be some differences in different terminals .

Body color

2021 Toyota ELFA dual engine has 6 Available in body colors , In addition to the slightly younger color of Cabernet Sauvignon , Others are more sedate , And as far as the common models on the market are concerned , ELFA is still mostly in white , After all, compared with other colors , Visually, it will appear larger .


aesthetic , This generation of ELFA double engine has changed the armor front face style , The overall gas field has been greatly improved , So many other brands MPV All compete to imitate , After all, for this type of car , That is, the front part is more suitable for “ Make an article ” 了 . Newly added luxury models , Compared with the luxury version and the noble version, it has a week's sports kit , More visual tension . The front grille occupies most of the front face , After being integrated with the headlamp through chrome plated frames on both sides , Taking into account the good integrity , The interior is neatly arranged black baking paint trim panels with chrome plated sequins on the surface , It looks like armor ; The logo is exclusive to ELFA ALPHARD style , The blue primer at the bottom is used to highlight the hybrid identity of the model .

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