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Double kidney deformable headlights split BMW i7 latest rendering released

2021-08-26 03:10:28 Oriental Information automobile

Today, , The author obtains a group of rendered pictures from foreign media channels , It is based on the latest generation BMW 7 system (G70) The BMW i7 rendering . It can be clearly seen from the rendering , BMW i7 And fuel version 7 There is a big difference between the two systems , The main feature is that the double kidney grid is further enlarged , The shape is also different from the previous square or oval , The addition of split headlights also makes i7 More iconic .

The engine has a distinct bulge , Against this backdrop , BMW logo With the effect of landmark .

The wheel hub is in a five spoke pattern , And different from the previous common multi spoke style , The door handle adopts semi hidden blackening design , This is also a reference to BMW i4 The design of the ,C The shape of sliding back can be clearly seen at the column position .

The rear part , The shape of the tail lamp will basically maintain the current BMW 7 The model design of the series , Because of its pure tram identity , Black decoration is added to the empty exhaust position , Make the bumper position more design , At the same time, the rear of the car is fuller .

The interior of the new car will probably adopt the popular dual screen system , Built in vehicle iDrive 8.0 System , The two spoke steering wheel is more futuristic , The platform position adopts a new design , More concise . Brand new BMW 7 The Department may be released next spring , At that time, the author estimates that i7 Will also appear together . At present, the information available is ,i7 Or will be launched i740、i750 and i760 Three models , among i750 And i760 It's a 4WD , Maximum power of motor 400kW; Battery optional 80/100/120kWh, among 120kWh The maximum battery life can reach 700km.

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