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Lu Fang, the crown more expensive than hannanda, how to choose?

2021-08-26 03:25:38 Jichezhi topcar

For consumers , The highlander “ A car is hard to get ” It is inevitable , Why don't you think about its “ brother ”—— Crown Lu Fang , Which version of crown land to choose and put away ?

Originally in 8 month 18 Crown Lufang, which went public on the th, will be delayed again . But the car was early 7 month 3 The reservation was opened on the th , The pre-sale price range is 28 Ten thousand yuan -37 Ten thousand yuan . Expected after listing , Crown Lu Fang will have 6 Two models are available , The two-wheel drive version has 5 Block version and 7 A version of the , 4WD models include basic version, medium and high configuration version, etc 4 There are several styles , At present, new cars have arrived at the store one after another .

“ an crown ” The blessing , Lu Fang's positioning is higher than that of hanlanda

As a brother of Toyota Highlander , With “ an crown ” The crown of the logo, Lu Fang, has re entered the public's vision . be based on TNGA The crown built by the architecture is Lu Fang , It continues the modeling of overseas hanlanda Sports Edition , The blackened mesh grille matches the crown logo , The area of the lower trapezoidal grid is much larger than that of hannanda , And silver trim .

The side of the car body is almost the same as that of hanlanda , The straight upper waistline runs through the front and back , Blackened B/C The columns create the visual effect of the suspended roof , It is also equipped with a large multi spoke hub , The whole car gives people a great sense of power .

Crown Lu Fang


The rear part , The crown land release is a single side common double outlet exhaust design , Hannanda is a hidden exhaust design . The logo in the middle of the rear also uses Toyota LOGO, The difference is the English at the bottom left .

Body size , The length, width and height of the crown are 5015*1930*1750mm, The wheelbase is 2850mm, The body height is longer than that of hanlanda 50mm.

Let's look at the interior , The design style of crown Lu Fang is the same as that of hanlanda , The low configuration model is equipped with 7 Inch LCD instrument +8 Inch suspension center control screen , The medium and high configuration models are equipped with two 12.3 Inch LCD screen / Suspended center control panel .

It's very easy to distinguish between the two cars , The crown land is placed in the middle of the steering wheel LOGO Used the crown logo , Welcome pedal used “CROWN KLUGER” English Design , In addition, a large number of soft materials are used 、 Chrome trim and stitching , In terms of texture, it looks more advanced than hanlanda .

Crown Lu Fang , Which version to choose ?

Power on , Crown Lufang is consistent with hannanda , The whole system is equipped with the fourth generation HEV Hybrid systems and systems TNGA 2.5L DYNAMIC FORCE The engine , Match this with a new generation E-CVT Electronic continuously variable transmission system , The comprehensive power of the system is up to 183kW, The peak power of the motor is up to 134kW. Crown lufax also offers 4WD and 2WD models , It is expected that the fuel version will not be available .

Although the power is consistent , But the pre-sale price of crown luff is higher than that of hanlanda 2 Ten thousand pieces , It is mainly reflected in the differential configuration , Both hybrid models offer 6 Model configuration , The difference is that the crown land has 2 Two drive version and 4 Four wheel drive version , And hannanda has 3 Two drive version and 3 Four wheel drive version .

at present , According to three versions of crown luff pre-sale , Jiche Jun thinks that friends who don't consider seven cars , Open to booking a price 28 Five entry-level seats of 10000 yuan can be considered , Although there are more than the entry-level hanlanda 2 Ten thousand yuan , But its security configuration will be richer than that of hanlanda , For example, there are many lane departure warning systems 、 Lane keeping assist system 、 Active brake safety system 、 Full speed adaptive cruise, etc .

If you need a friend with seven cars , You can choose the pre-sale price 34 Ten thousand yuan crown land release 4WD noble version , The configuration is better than the selling price 32.98 Ten thousand yuan hanlanda 4WD is much more noble 360 Degree panoramic image 、 Full LCD instrument panel 、12.3 Inch LCD instrument 、 Interior ambient light ( monochrome )、 Multilayer sound insulation glass ( In the front row ) etc. , Although the price is different 1 Ten thousand yuan or so , But in the past, the listing price of new cars will be cheaper than the pre-sale price , So crown Lufang still has advantages .

If you don't need money, friends , Select the pre-sale price 37 Ten thousand yuan top matching version of crown Lu Fang can also .

After some analysis , The crown is more expensive than hannanda , The biggest advantage is that “ an crown ” The blessing 、 Rich configuration , The body height is higher than that of hanlanda . Although the listing of crown Lufang has been delayed , But from the preliminary disclosed configuration , It is predicted that its configuration will be richer than hanlanda , The details will be announced after the official listing . If you have the feeling of Toyota Crown , Crown Lu Fang is a good choice .


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