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Is the 140000 Volkswagen tukai worth starting? Let's hear what people with cars say

2021-08-26 03:25:52 Car boundless

Hello everyone ! I'm the owner of Volkswagen tukai , The model mentioned is “2021 paragraph 280TS|DSG Deluxe edition ”, The price of the car is 14 ten thousand , It's on now 7300 km .

One 、 The reason for choosing this car

This car is very suitable for me, a novice driver ,SUV The vision of the model is much better than that of a car , This car is relatively small , It's quite flexible to drive , Parking is also more convenient , And the price is not my family , So I also suggest choosing this car , There's no pressure .

  Two 、 Appearance and interior feel

Design is very fashionable , In line with the aesthetics of young people today , It is very different from the public's previous impression , The bright strip decoration of the air inlet grille is uneven , Looks young and athletic , The through tail lamp at the tail has a novel and beautiful design , They like it very much in appearance .

In terms of interior upholstery , The design of this car is different from others , It doesn't look so square , It really impressed me .

  3、 ... and 、 Riding experience

Although this car is compact SUV, But the interior space is abundant , I think it's enough for girls to drive , It's just that the trunk may be a little small , The comfort of this car needs to be improved , I pay more attention to this , After all, I bought a car to enjoy , It feels hard to sit in the seat , Shock absorption is not very good , On the bumpy road , I can feel an obvious beat , I hope the manufacturer can improve this .

  Four 、 Driving feeling

For me, , Don't drive fast , Power is enough , Speed up without stumbling , Shift response is quick , There will be no obvious sense of frustration , Driving is exciting , Control will also be good , The chassis of German cars is solid , And the steering wheel is very light , You can freely operate the steering wheel with one hand , Steering accuracy , Good stability , Very suitable for girls to drive , The car is small and flexible , Convenient parking , At present, the fuel consumption is 7.8 About one oil , I don't know whether it's fuel saving or fuel consuming .

  5、 ... and 、 summary

The most satisfactory thing is the cool appearance , The chrome plated decoration on the front gives people a more fashionable and younger feeling , Meet the requirements of my car selection , It suits me .

The most unsatisfactory thing is that the comfort of this car is average , The seat is not as comfortable as expected , Hope to improve .

Personally, I think the cost performance of this car is very good , Perfect for beginners , All configurations have , The price is within my acceptable range , So this is a good choice .

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