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389000 picked up Volkswagen's prestige. How did you really feel after three months of driving?

2021-08-26 03:25:55 Car boundless

38.9 Wan mentioned the public's awe , After three months of driving , How do you really feel ?

I'm the owner of Yuyao , It's about 2020 paragraph 380TSI Flagship Edition , The price of the bare car is 38.9 Ten thousand yuan , It's been driving now 5315 km .

Why this car : The reason why I chose Wei Ran is that I like the design of this car , The overall comfort of the car is very good . Compared several models as a whole MPV after , Finally chose Wei Ran , I haven't been disappointed by taking the bus these days .

appearance : The appearance of this car is fashionable, low-key and not publicized , More in line with my personality . As the second family car , Wei Ran is my favorite appearance . I especially like this red wine , It feels very classy .

interior : I used to feel that the Volkswagen interior was very regular , It's almost the same . However , The interior of Weiran car looks very elegant , At first glance , They are low-key and luxurious , Rich in connotation . Besides , All configurations are relatively complete . In particular, the diamond design of the seat looks very high-end .

Space : Wei Ran's space performance is very good , Especially the second row , It's very comfortable to sit . There are also storage spaces for various humanized designs , Space is very malleable .

power : motivation , Speed up soon . After all, the displacement is relatively large . If you're willing to run for oil , That's not as good as ordinary cars and SUVs . Very motivated , It feels good to drive .

Manipulation : handling , Although it's a big car , But the steering wheel is light , Don't feel uncomfortable . The distribution of each function key is quite reasonable . The right direction , Which is it . It's very easy to operate in practice , Even novice Xiaobai can start right away .

Fuel consumption : In terms of fuel consumption , at present 10 About one oil . If you decide to buy MPV, You should plan flower oil . however , If you use it during this time , This fuel consumption is acceptable , And within the initial expectations .

comfort : There is no choice for seat comfort , The wrapping of the seat is very good . If you don't feel well , You won't choose to buy this car . The overall sealing environment inside the car is very quiet , Very satisfactory .

Cost performance : Good overall cost performance . Although it was recently listed MPV, But I think Wei Ran is still very powerful . If there are more price concessions , That would be great .

The most satisfied : The most satisfying thing about this car is the appearance of Wei Ran. I'm a human face controller . When shopping , Be sure to look at the first feeling . Only when I feel right , I can deeply understand . It seems , The appearance of Weiran car personally thinks it is very domineering . Whether it's the front design , Or the design of the rear of the car , All with the market MPV Different . At first glance , This is my favorite . Generally speaking , When buying a commercial vehicle , It's all for commercial vehicles . For me, , If I want to buy my own MPV, I just want to give myself and my family a comfortable car environment when traveling . After watching GL8, It feels too business , I feel like a driver . Wei Ran gives me the feeling that it is suitable for IKEA , As a business fashion atmosphere , Low key and comfortable, suitable for home use .

The most unsatisfied : When it comes to dissatisfaction , I think the discount for commercial cars is very small , It doesn't work when buying a car . There is also a beige interior , Very beautiful . After buying it, I used it for a while and regretted it . If I don't deal with , It's really easy to get dirty .

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