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Gave up the Buick GL8 and chose Volkswagen Weiran, an old driver. After comparison, it was found that there was a big gap

2021-08-26 03:26:02 Car boundless

Give up Buick GL8, Chose the popular prestige , old hand , After comparison, it is found that there is a big gap .

I'm the owner of Tangshan , It's about 2020 paragraph 380TSI Noble edition , The price of the bare car is 36.98 Ten thousand yuan , It's been driving now 4537 km .

Why this car : I wanted to buy a car with more space for my family a long time ago , I saw a lot of things , I chose Volkswagen Weiran mainly because of the appropriate price , Enough configuration , Spacious space design , Commuting to and from work , Go home to see your parents , I'm going to take a road trip with my friends during the holiday , So it started .

appearance : The appearance belongs to the design of more atmospheric sports style , The appearance of this value is attractive , Very young and handsome .

interior : The interior design texture is not vulgar , It feels very soft , The effect of air conditioning is excellent .

Space : There is absolutely no problem with this space , I usually drive by myself , The trunk and rear row are basically not used , It's enough to bring some small things for the co driver .

power : The power performance is not bad , It can be said to be powerful enough , It won't be hard to drive at high speed , Steady and powerful when accelerating .

Manipulation : Although the car is very big , But the control is very flexible , And the direction is not difficult , Directivity is very accurate , There is basically no pressure when driving .

Fuel consumption : I don't know if there is a running in period , The current fuel consumption is 10 about , It is acceptable , But I still hope it will be lower and lower in the future .

comfort : The comfort of the seat is very good , Adjustment is also very convenient , It's just a little noisy and bumpy , Because the suspension is a little hard , The front row is better , The back row is more influential .

Cost performance : There are few shortcomings , But I have everything I need , Basically meet my needs , I think VW's cost performance is very good .

The most satisfied : When I was driving this car in Volkswagen, what I was most satisfied with was the space , It's very convenient to travel by road at ordinary times , I don't feel crowded when I'm full , The trunk can hold a lot of things .

The most unsatisfied : What I'm most dissatisfied with is that the car is a little bumpy , The suspension adjustment is hard , Especially when passing through the deceleration belt or when the road condition is bad .

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