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Give up Honda Civic and choose Volkswagen lingdu, old driver: the gap is found after comparison

2021-08-26 03:27:26 Car boundless

Give up Honda Civic , Chose Dazhong lingdu , old hand : After comparison, it is found that the gap .

I'm a car owner in Sichuan , It's about 2021 Payment to payment 280TSI DSG Comfortable edition , The price of the bare car is 15.68 Ten thousand yuan , It's been driving now 3123 km .

Why this car : The design of Dazhong lingdu is in line with my aesthetic , Especially the air intake grille on the front face , I personally like it very much , As a sports car , Lingdu is very suitable for people who pursue sports like me , No problem at all .

appearance : It looks like the car body is relatively low-lying , It can be said that the sense of movement is bursting , From the outside , Very delicate and perfect .

interior : The three piece multifunctional steering wheel is exquisitely made ,9.2 Inch central control touch screen , Add a sense of technology to the interior , Press the button tightly .

Space : Although the wheelbase of the body is very sufficient , But the space utilization in the car is very low , The drum in the middle of the rear seat makes the ride comfort worse , But there's still no problem at home .

power : In terms of power ,1.4T The turbocharger , Enough for me to commute to work .

control : The feeling of overall control is also very good , The steering wheel is very light , The steering is more accurate , Hit wherever you want , No pressure at all .

Fuel consumption : The fuel consumption in the urban area is about 6.4 l , It's lower at high speed , The air conditioner is still on , I'm very satisfied , Basically no pressure .

comfort : I feel the length of the seat is a little insufficient , Poor leg support , The middle of the rear row is raised , It seriously affects the ride comfort , But other models have this problem .

Cost performance : I think the cost performance of Volkswagen lingdu is very high , Pricing is very close to the people , The discount is still very strong , The cost performance is very high .

The most satisfied : What I am most satisfied with is the appearance design of Volkswagen lingdu , All Volkswagen lingdu models are the most fashionable , At least there's no problem under Volkswagen .

The most unsatisfied : I think the space in the back row is a little insufficient , The rear sliding design reduces the space of the rear row to a certain extent , This is also its only disadvantage , But if you choose it, you have to accept .

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