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Volkswagen tuyue's fuel consumption was exposed, and the owner frankly said: it still has strength

2021-08-26 03:27:30 Car boundless

Volkswagen tuyue's fuel consumption is exposed , The owner confessed : There is still strength .

I'm the owner of Danyang , It's about 2021 paragraph 280TSI Two drive Deluxe PLUS, The price of the bare car is 18.98 Ten thousand yuan , It's been driving now 860 km .

Why this car : I saw a lot of cars when I chose this car . First , Personally, I'm very satisfied with the appearance of this car . in addition , The power is enough . If space is considered home and commuting , That's enough . So if you are satisfied with these three aspects , Personally, I think this car is quite cost-effective . After all, buying a car is mainly good-looking , Good motivation , Then the space is basically enough , It's about my budget . So after comparison , My family and I chose this car .

appearance : The appearance of the car is very nice . Personally, I like the appearance of this car , The appearance and workmanship are also good .

interior : The interior of the car follows the consistent design of Volkswagen , Basically quite satisfactory , It's also simple . Compared with other domestic cars or joint ventures of the same level , It is superior . There are no special highlights in the interior .

Space : Good space , Because this car is SUV, So there are many small storage compartments in the car , The trunk can hold a lot of big things . Basically, the front passenger's buckle box and the car next to it have many small storage compartments , So I'm quite satisfied with the space .

Power : Powerful . Basically , If you step on the gas , It will start quickly , There's a feeling of pushing your back . I also went to the high-speed train some time ago , It's awesome to overtake , So very satisfied with the power .

Manipulation : Very good handling , The steering wheel of this car is very convenient . No matter where you hit, there is no virtual location , So it's a well controlled car , The chassis suspension is also good . When you turn , No obvious sense of roll . When crossing ditches and ridges , No bumps .

Fuel consumption : At present, the fuel consumption is ten . Basically, the roads in the city are also open , Rural roads have been open for some time . The comprehensive fuel consumption of the car is currently 10 An oil . Personally, I'm very satisfied with the fuel consumption of this car , Within my expectations .

comfort : Very comfortable in the car , The seats are comfortable , Inclusiveness . In addition, the cooling and heating of the air conditioner in the car are relatively fast , The mute effect in the car is also quite good , If you play music . The comfort level comes up all at once , If the car is high-speed , The noise of the forum is relatively small .

Cost performance : High cost performance . Personally, I think this car is quite cost-effective . After all, Volkswagen has a high maintenance rate , Maintenance is also relatively cheap . The budget is also in line with my personal feeling , It's very cost-effective .

The most satisfied : I'm satisfied with a lot . First , The appearance of this car is very beautiful . Personally, I think the appearance of this car is one of the best in the public . in addition , The wheel hub of this car feels very fashionable . in addition , This car is fairly powerful . If you step on the gas , You'll feel a full push on your back , It's OK at high speed . Besides , This car still has enough space . And this car is more comfortable .

The most unsatisfied : up to now , There is nothing unsatisfactory , Because after all, it takes a short time to buy a car , So I personally support this car in all aspects , Because I saw this car when it was a fake , I also evaluated all aspects before buying the car , So I can still accept these aspects .

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