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220000 won this Volkswagen tuyue, owner: I have a lot to say

2021-08-26 03:27:33 Car boundless

22 Wan took this Volkswagen tuyue , The owner : A bellyful of words to say .

I'm the owner of Chongqing , It's about 2021 paragraph 330TSI 4WD flagship , The price of the bare car is 21.28 Ten thousand yuan , It's been driving now 3900 km .

Why choose this car : Choosing this car is more mundane than not having a car , It means that parents have appointed to choose a car , So I went to test drive myself , I found it very good to drive , There are not many reasons , Just drive home .

appearance : Look at the appearance , It will be a very good design , It just feels attractive , Steadiness is a design that everyone likes .

interior : I feel good about the interior , Because in fact, I don't care much about the interior design , As long as it can satisfy the family .

Space : In terms of space , This car is actually very good , As a compact car , This car can give me the space I want , Then it's really suitable for home .

power : Power, nothing else , This car can give me a strong push on my back , in fact , The power of this car is quite strong , There is no pressure to overtake everyday .

manipulation : About manipulation , I have quite a lot of feelings , The car still has a certain pursuit of handling , But this car has a feeling , Not that it has good directivity , Then relatively stable , That's the result .

Fuel consumption : If you can afford a car, don't worry , Is the fuel consumption high ? in fact , I bought a top model , My car is compared with the lower version , The fuel consumption will certainly be higher , But a little higher will have an upper limit , Never mind .

comfort : The comfort of the seat is very good , This car is very comfortable to ride , then , If you do a combination of hard and soft training , It is also very good and supportive .

Cost effectiveness : I'm thinking about cost effectiveness , How about its cost performance ? It's a little bit worse , It would be better if the price were lower .

The most satisfied : What makes me most satisfied is , The car , Um. , Will get by , Comfort is also very good .

The most unsatisfied : I'm still a little dissatisfied , Because it's also a family car , That being the case , I think the price is still relatively high ,20 More than ten thousand yuan .

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