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157800 people picked up a Volkswagen tuyue. After three months, what was the driving experience of the owner

2021-08-26 03:27:36 Car boundless

15.78 Wan picked up a Volkswagen tuyue , After three months of driving , What is the driving experience of the owner .

I'm the owner of Guangzhou , It's about 2021 paragraph 280TSI Two drive Deluxe , The price of the bare car is 15.78 Ten thousand yuan , It's been driving now 1600 km .

Why this car : At the beginning of school , There are so many things , I want to buy a car with large space , Tuyue of Volkswagen is very satisfied with everything , So I finally chose this car .

appearance : I am quite satisfied with the appearance , The front face of the car has a strong sense of power , The waistline running through it perfectly divides the body , The layering of the tail is also there , Basically flawless .

interior : The workmanship of the interior is still very exquisite , Most materials are hard materials , It doesn't feel very comfortable , The central control style is not novel enough , But it's big enough .

Space : The space is still very spacious , The volume of the trunk is large , Usually when children start school and have a holiday , There will be a lot of things , There is still some space behind the trunk , After sitting in the front row , The distance from the head to the roof is more than one punch .

power : It's usually used as a substitute for walking , The power of the car is very satisfactory , As the speed increases , The engine responds positively , The speed rises rapidly , I didn't start so fast , It's a little difficult to drive up steep slopes .

Manipulation : The car is still simple to operate , The steering wheel is light , And the accuracy is high , The accelerator and brake are sensitive , The exterior rearview mirror can be electrically adjusted , It is very convenient to use , When driving in the city , The adaptive cruise function is also very easy to use .

Fuel consumption : Basically, they pick up and drive their children to and from work , I don't drive very often , Basic fuel consumption 8.0 about , I'm quite satisfied .

comfort : There is plenty of driving space in the car , Very comfortable to drive , The softness and support of the seat are very good , Driving for a long time can effectively reduce fatigue , The daylighting in the car is also very good .

Cost performance : The cost performance is OK , There is a lot of space in the car , The appearance is very attractive , The price is also relatively affordable , The car purchase experience was very good .

The most satisfied : What I am most satisfied with is the various configurations in the car , The car has window anti pinch function , It's really safe for my family to take care of children , Automatic air conditioner is also very convenient to use at ordinary times .

The most unsatisfied : What I'm most dissatisfied with is the driver's seat , There is no memory function , Sometimes it's inconvenient to lend your car to a friend , It's not convenient to take it back and drive it by yourself , You also need to readjust the seat .

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