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From September 1, 2021, Beijing will use electronic driver's license

2021-08-26 03:38:11 58 car

58 According to Beijing traffic police official account , From this year 9 month 1 The date of , Beijing, etc. 28 Cities will implement electronic motor vehicle driver's license . Through a unified national policy “ Traffic management 12123”APP Issue electronic driver's license , Electronic driver's license is valid nationwide , Handle traffic control business 、 Show and use when accepting law enforcement inspection , And expand passenger and freight transportation 、 Car Rental 、 Social application scenarios such as insurance purchase , Provide online services for drivers “ Bright syndrome ”“ Bright code ” service , Further simplify procedures and materials , Improve the convenience of using certificates , Better facilitate people's work and travel . thereafter , It will be implemented in stages throughout the country .

In this year 8 month 18 The Ministry of public security held a press conference in Beijing , Li Guozhong, spokesman of the Ministry of public security, introduced , since 6 month 1 In Tianjin 、 Chengdu 、 Since Suzhou launched the pilot electronization of driver's license , existing 195 More than 10000 people have applied for electronic driving licenses .

The electronic driver's license is uniform 、 The real time 、 Three characteristics of security , For drivers, etc “ Three conveniences ”

1、 Application convenience . The driver can “ Traffic management 12123”APP Personal account number , The style of electronic driver's license is unified throughout the country , It has the same legal effect as the paper driver's license .

2、 Show your convenience . The electronic driver's license is generated through the national public security traffic control electronic license system , Dynamic display of driver's license status , It can be applied to law enforcement management 、 Public services and other scenarios , Convenient real-time query 、 Show in real time 、 Real time verification .

3、 Easy to use . The driver can present the electronic driver's license for vehicle management 、 Deal with traffic violations 、 Handle traffic accidents and other traffic management businesses , There is no need to submit a paper driver's license ; Insurance claims 、 Rental vehicles 、 Career recruitment , The driver can also produce an electronic driver's license , Relevant units verify driving qualification online , More convenient for people to drive , Better serve the development of enterprises and industries .( Source : Beijing traffic police ; compile /58 automobile Zhao Shuai )

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