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The new Tiguan family was officially listed at a price of 215800-293900 yuan

2021-08-26 03:38:17 58 car

8 month 20 Japan , SAIC Volkswagen's new Tiguan family is fully listed . New Tiguan L Provide 330TSI And 380TSI 4MOTION Two powertrains 、 There are six models in total , The price is 21.58 Ten thousand yuan —28.18 Ten thousand yuan ; New Tiguan L PHEV Two models of plug-in hybrid noble version and plug-in hybrid flagship version are provided , The price is 25.78 Ten thousand yuan and 26.88 Ten thousand yuan ;2022 Concept of payment X Bring five models , The price is 24.19 Ten thousand yuan —29.39 Ten thousand yuan .

In design , All three models of the new Tiguan family adopt a new family design style , Among them, Tiguan L Of IQ. Light whole LED The matrix headlamp is integrated with the three horizontal bar grille , The lower grille is made of high gloss black material , Fit on both sides C Shaped chrome trim strip , More personalized sports . New Tiguan L The plug-in hybrid version uses the same design , But with PHEV Exclusive logo and I A daytime running light , It's easy to see the relationship with the new Tiguan L Different .

The side , New Tiguan L Hetuguan L The plug-in hybrid version is a regular tradition SUV modelling , And the new Tiguan X It's a sedan car with a big sliding back , Different styles meet different consumers .

The tail , New Tiguan L With a small spoiler , And the tail lamp is blackened ,LED Tail light with running water steering , When the dynamic effect is lit, it is full of law and motion . The square exhaust pipe below is not a real exhaust pipe , It's mainly decorative .

New Tiguan X The tail has its own characteristics , The interior of the through tail lamp is also decorated with a guide , It looks more personalized and complex . The lower bumper also uses more decoration , But here's the thing , The exhaust pipe is also decorative .

On the interior , New Tiguan L And new Tiguan X The design is basically consistent , But there will be some differences in details , For example, the seat styles of the two are different . The interior of the new car is quite in line with the current aesthetics ,10.3 Inch full LCD Meter and 12 The inch suspended central control screen also looks full of a sense of Technology .

configuration , All new cars are equipped with 30 color LED Ambient light 、 Harman Caton premium sound system . In addition, the new car also carries Travel Assist Full journey intelligent driving assistance system , Can achieve 0-160km/h Full speed range driving assistance within speed range . Besides , New cars come with them Front Assist Collision warning system 、PLA 3.0 Intelligent parking system 、360 Degree aerial view panoramic visual driving assistance system 、 Configuration of SAIC Volkswagen smart car coupling system, etc .

motivation , The new car maintains cash power , New Tiguan L Continue to provide low power 2.0T、 high power 2.0T And based on 1.4T The plug-in mixing system of the engine , Low power 2.0T The maximum power of the engine is 186 horsepower , high power 2.0T The maximum power of the engine 220 horsepower , Hybrid 1.4T The maximum engine power is 150 horsepower .

New Tiguan X The power system will carry high / Low power tuning 2.0T The engine ,330TSI The model is equipped with a low-power version 2.0T The engine , The most powerful 137kW(186Ps)/4100-6000rpm, Maximum torque 320N·m/1500-4000rpm.380TSI The model is equipped with high power 2.0T Maximum engine power 162kW(220Ps)/4500-6200rpm, Maximum torque 350N·m/1500-4400rpm. The drive systems are 7 Fast double clutch gearbox .

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