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Volkswagen Golf is the strongest form“ "Black Knight" Golf R real shot, only 4.7 seconds for 0.00

2021-08-26 03:39:28 58 car

When it comes to small steel guns, you can't get around Volkswagen's golf GTI, golf GTI With its large refitting space and excellent performance, it has always been sought after by steel gun players , But there are still many people who don't know golf GTI In fact, it is not the strongest form of golf !GTI There's another one named golf R Big brother of , Old fans will affectionately call it “ high R” Only high R It can be called the strongest form of original golf . Just recently , golf R“ Black Warrior ” The version is actually photographed and exposed in the store , It is worth mentioning that golf R It is very likely to introduce domestic sales this year !

aesthetic , Volkswagen, which has always kept a low profile, has not upgraded its new cars too much , But the huge through air inlet in the front 、 The sharp wind knife and the huge diffuser at the tail still can't hide the violent performance of the car , The pure black body also adds a lot of points to the sports attributes of the car , And as a performance model , The rear of the car is equipped with high-performance four outlet exhaust system , And further upgrade the suspension , The ground clearance is also lower than that of ordinary models . therefore , The car's track properties have been further upgraded .

Low profile compared to appearance , The interior can be said to put golf R The performance properties of are incisively and vividly ! The specific term , Volkswagen New Golf R The interior remains highly similar to the golf base model , But everywhere “R mark ” It shows all the time that this is not an ordinary golf . The new car is equipped with a three spoke multifunction steering wheel , It is equipped with suspended liquid crystal instrument and liquid crystal central control screen , Some physical buttons at the bottom are also upgraded to touch design , The atmosphere of science and technology is unique ! Besides , The new car is also equipped with more sporty racing bucket chairs , It further improves the ride comfort of the main and co drivers .

motivation , New golf R Equipped with a new 2.0T Turbocharged four cylinder engine , Maximum output power press out 235kW, Peak torque 420N·m, The transmission system matches 7 Fast double clutch gearbox , And equipped with 4Motion All-wheel-drive system . In terms of book parameters alone, this has surpassed Mercedes Benz AMG A35 Of 225kW. Thanks to this powerful power combination , The acceleration of a new car only needs 4.7 second .

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