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Nissan New Tule short axis rendering! The appearance is short and vigorous! It is expected to be equipped with V8 engine

2021-08-26 03:39:31 58 car

For the special needs of the domestic market , The extended long axle models are often more popular than the standard axle models , Therefore, when introducing domestic models, major foreign car enterprises often have to increase the wheelbase to please domestic consumers , In recent years, the main brands have lengthened the popular models , At the moment when long axle models are popular , There are always a few car companies coming in the opposite direction , Short axle treatment of their popular models , This has had an unexpected effect on the appearance of the new car ! Among them, the most representative is the Tule model of Nissan , Recently, the rendering of Nissan's new Tule short axis version has been exposed !

Nissan's new Tule short axis version is based on the ordinary Tule , Therefore, it basically continues the design language of basic bantule in appearance , But due to the shorter wheelbase , Therefore, the first impression of the new car in appearance is short and concise . The specific term , The front face of the new car is equipped with Nissan family's iconic V-Motion Language , Metal chrome plated decorative strips are installed around the blackened air inlet grille for paving , Both sides are equipped with the latest family logo C Zigzag split headlamp group .

The side of the car body is equipped with a metal welcome pedal , The roof is also equipped with a metal luggage rack . The rear of the vehicle is a hidden exhaust layout , The chrome trim strip above the tailgate connects the tail lights on both sides , The wheelbase of the new car has been shortened , Let the three door model have more dexterous control , More suitable for use in cities .

The new car is expected to be powered by the basic Tule 5.6L V8 engine , Maximum output power attainable 298kW, Peak torque 560N·m, Transmission system matching 7 Speed automatic transmission , And equipped with full-time 4WD system , At the same time, the towing system and trailer braking controller are added to the vehicle , Maximum towing capacity up to 8500 pounds .

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