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Lutes Emira officially opened the pre-sale, and the intention fund of 2000 yuan can be locked

2021-08-26 03:39:34 58 car

As the last pure fuel model of lutes ,EMIRA be based on Vision 80 To build and , The design of the new car continues the consistent style of lutes , Just adding more modern elements . In terms of size , Compared with previous models ,EMIRA Get bigger , Its length, width and height are respectively 4412*1895*1225 mm , The wheelbase 2575 mm .

On the interior ,EMIRA It has also become more modern , The design of double large screens is in line with the current consumer aesthetics , Add more configuration of Zhilian , Support Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, The materials used in the car are also more exquisite . On the whole ,EMIRA It is very different from the previous lutes models , It becomes more respectable and luxurious .

It is worth noting that ,Emira Equipped with advanced driving assistance system (ADAS) Includes adaptive cruise control 、 Anti collision 、 Fatigue driving warning 、 Road sign information identification 、 Speed limit 、 Lane Departure Warning 、 Rear cross anti-collision warning 、 Lane change assistance and other functions . Personally, I think this system is a little untimely loaded on the lutes model , After all, who doesn't control lotus personally ?

motivation , New car offers 3.5 l V6 Supercharged engine , This engine is from Toyota , Before that, too Exige and Evora carrying , Manual or automatic transmission can be selected ; In addition, the new car is equipped with one from AMG Of M139 turbo 2.0 Gasoline engine , The most powerful 360 kw , Maximum torque 430 Cattle meters , Matched with 8-speed double clutch gearbox .

Emira Two chassis and suspension settings are available ,Tour Chassis suspension is suitable for daily road driving , It provides the perfect integration experience of lutes' unique dynamic control and comfortable driving .Sports Chassis suspension is included in Lotus Drivers Pack In the optional package , A stiff suspension is provided , Increased dynamic handling performance and driving experience . The new car also uses the traditional hydraulic power steering , It provides direct and accurate force feedback and road feedback for driving .

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