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About 200000. These two cars have high horsepower and high appearance value. Will they be your dream car?

2021-08-26 03:39:44 Vehicle skill collection

20 A car purchase budget of about 10000 , Which car do you want to choose ? It is a honda accord with large space , Or in the name of the high-level public ? I think , Many young people don't like them , Because it's too much “ mediocre ”, There are a lot of people in the street , No point “ specific characteristics ”. If there are riders who think so , Let's take a look at the two models I want to talk about today , They are :

Model I , Buick regal GS

The guided :21.88-24.98 ten thousand

Regional dealer discount :4 ten thousand ( Chengdu area )

As “ Performance Edition ” models , regal GS It shows a more sporty side in the appearance design , A lot of blackening coating , And more aggressive “ Tusks ”、 Four piston Brembo Red calipers 、 Tail wing and other components , Further enhance the fighting atmosphere of the whole vehicle , Make it different from the ordinary model , It's not an easy existence to look at .

motivation , regal GS Equipped with GM's latest 2.0T Variable cylinder engine , Maximum power accessible 237 horsepower , Peak torque is 350N·m, There is plenty of data . And the biggest highlight of this engine , In addition to high horsepower , This is the variable cylinder technology , The addition of it makes American cars get rid of the high fuel consumption “ persona ”, Because in high-speed Cruise , It can close both cylinders , To improve fuel economy .

regal GS The transmission is 9AT transmission , It is also a general self-developed product , Whether it's shift speed , Still logical , All performed well . Besides , regal GS The chassis is also very attractive ,CDC Configuration of active hydraulic damping system , Whether in the face of high-speed overtaking and merging 、 Or ramp bridge , Body roll suppression is obvious . in addition ,“Tour” In mode , The suspension is quite soft , Very comfortable , And in the “Sport” In mode , The road is clear , The lateral support of the suspension is also sufficient , Plus precise steering , Very good overall handling .

Model II , Led the g 03+

The guided :19.88-22.88 ten thousand

Led the g 03+ It's also a powerful one “ Performance car ”, It can be seen from the appearance design , Unique shape and a large number of carbon fiber sports kits , Showing a high profile . The diffuser at the rear of the car is very exaggerated , And the fog lamp with pilot lamp style design is used to decorate , Coupled with exaggerated four true exhaust , There is a strong smell of battle .

And in addition to styling , Led the g 03+ The interior is also worth talking about , Three spoke steering wheel in black and gold contrast , Deserve to go up Alcantara Material and fabric , And the shift paddle and the center console on the driver's side , Bring a strong driving atmosphere , It can stimulate users' driving desire to the greatest extent .

motivation , Led the g 03+ With one 2.0T High power engine , Maximum power accessible 254 horsepower , The maximum torque is 350 Cattle meters , Aisin's... Is used in the transmission 8AT transmission , Just “ equipment ” Speaking of , Led the g 03+ True comparison among peers “ hardcore ”, And according to official data , Led the g 03+ The acceleration time is as fast as 5.9 second , Very strong performance ; Led the g 03+ The suspension is tight , It can provide strong support for the vehicle , The sense of integrity is also sufficient , Coupled with accurate steering , Overall, it's fun to drive .

in general , These two models mentioned above , Namely 20 The price is about 10000 yuan , High beauty 、 High horsepower , And have fun driving . Among them , An American Buick , One from our own brand , If you want to ask which one is more worth starting with ? From the author's personal point of view , I prefer Regal GS One o'clock , Because it's a B Levels of car , A little more space , After all, the ultimate goal of buying a car is to carry the family , Large space makes it more practical . Of course , Come back ,20 For a young man who depends on himself , It's not that simple , It doesn't matter if you can't afford it now , Tell me which one is yours “Dream Car”?

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