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Pure electric range of 505km, a luxury configuration, from 169800, detailed explanation of song plus ev

2021-08-26 03:39:48 Vehicle skill collection

I believe that friends who often pay attention to the car market , Recently was DM-i This word brushed the screen . As another sharp knife technology of BYD in the field of new energy ,DM-i Even if we look at the global car market, there are few competitors , Not to mention its position at home . that DM-i But the wind and water rise ,EV And how do? ? To tell you the truth, it's still better , Don't believe it ? I'll take song today PLUS EV Let me give you a break , Look at BYD in the field of pure trams , How strong are you .

First of all, from the appearance , The song dynasty PLUS EV It still continues the popular of the Dynasty Series “ imperial countenance ” Design . The through chrome trim connects the headlights on both sides , The outline of closed medium network cable is also very simple and atmospheric . Besides , The fog lamp areas on both sides enrich the visual elements of the front , Make the whole front face look more outstanding . The song dynasty PLUS EV The front face of , In fact, it is different from Qin Dynasty PLUS EV There are many similarities in the front face , It's just a tall body , Let song PLUS EV It looks more atmospheric .

The design of headlights is consistent with that of all models ,LED The modeling technology of daytime running lights is very strong , The three lamp cavity structure also looks more intense .

The penetrating waistline on the side of the car body is very sharp , The bulge under the door also gives the side body a sense of hierarchy . Side part song PLUS EV And song PLUS DM-i There is little difference , It feels so fierce , Full of movement . The song dynasty PLUS EV Length, width and height of all models , Are all 4705mm*1890mm*1680mm,2765mm Wheelbase in compact SUV field , Obvious advantages .

The song dynasty PLUS EV At present, only one shape of five spoke wheel hub is used , All sizes are 19 Inch , The tire size is 235/50 R19.

Finally, let's talk about the tail , The overall shape of the through tail lamp is good , in addition , Chrome plated decorative strips are also added above it . Last , The air inlet decoration on both sides echoes the design of the front face , Luminous strip and chrome plated bumper at the bottom , It enriches the sense of hierarchy at the rear of the car .

After talking about the appearance, let's talk about the interior , The overall style of the interior is similar to that of the Song Dynasty PLUS DM-i Almost the same . Rotatable central control screen , It's still a bright design in the interior , The shape of the electronic bumper is no different from other models of Dynasty Series . BYD's interior is actually controversial on the Internet , Some people feel no sense of design , Some people think the sense of advanced and technology is good , What I want to say is aesthetics , Different people have different opinions , Wise men see wisdom. . The material part meets the performance of this price , Leather stitching design 、 Soft material overlay , And the piano baking paint material decoration of the center console , No absence .

I personally think the design of the electronic stop bar looks very comfortable , I don't know why I feel that the fit is good after I start . This electronic gear lever is also used in other models of Dynasty Series , In fact, for the domestic pure electric models that should be , Not following the trend , It's the same rotary shift , The song dynasty PLUS EV This , I think the originality is quite high .

In terms of internal configuration, all models are equipped with leather steering wheel as standard , Up and down the steering wheel + Adjust before and after , Multifunctional control , All models are given . Besides ,12.3 Inch LCD instrument panel is also standard in the whole system .

There is not much suspense about intelligent Internet configuration , All models are equipped with a piece as standard 12.8 Inch full LCD dashboard . Some daily configurations with high practicability , Like the navigation system 、 Navigation road information display 、 Bluetooth car phone 、 Internet of vehicles function 、OTA upgrade , And speech recognition control system are standard configuration of the whole system .

Passive security configuration , All models are equipped as standard 6 airbag , And tire pressure display system . Active safety plate noble only gives some basic ESP、EBA And other primary security configurations . On top of this, the flagship has more lane departure warning 、 Collision warning 、 Rear traffic warning 、 Reverse vehicle side warning 、 Take the initiative to brake 、 Doubling the auxiliary 、 Lane Keeping Assist , And road traffic sign recognition function .

Finally, let's talk about the auxiliary control configuration , The front and rear parking radars are standard in the whole series 、 Reversing image 、360 Degree panoramic image , And cruise control . On top of this, the flagship also has full speed adaptive cruise , as well as L2 Class a automatic driving function .

The song dynasty PLUS EV All models adopt imitation leather seats , The configuration supports the electric adjustment of the driver's seat and passenger's seat . Besides , The flagship model is also equipped with front seat heating and ventilation , And the electric adjustment function of the driver's seat . Measured height in space 178cm Passengers , In the front row, you can get a head allowance of one punch and one finger , There's a punch left in the back row , Leg space is up to two punches .

Pure electric range is on the top PLUS EV All models are 505km, Fast charging to 80% The amount of electricity needed is 0.5 Hours . In the power part, both models are equipped with a maximum power 184 horsepower , Maximum torque 280 Single motor of niumi .

Former McPherson + Combination of rear multi link independent suspension , It is common in the current passenger car market . The song dynasty PLUS EV The suspension alignment is quite tough , For some fine bumps and vibrations of the road , Chassis and suspension can absorb a large part of , The rest is left to the seat . In the face of the big vibration of the deceleration belt , The suspension is also very calm , The most intuitive feeling is that the sound may be loud , But it was suppressed very simply .

summary : Current Song Dynasty PLUS EV The whole department has 2 models , The guide price is 18.60-20.30 Between ten thousand . After talking about the full text, you can actually find , stay 20 In the range of less than 10000 , Cost performance can be positive and hard PLUS EV Of , Not much. . First of all, BYD's new energy technology is already the world's leading level , Song Dynasty PLUS EV And the blade battery bonus , This alone has been able to pull away from other models at the same price . As for motivation 、 interior 、 To configure 、 Space , And the driving texture , The same level of models are considered to be regular .

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