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BYD is "making trouble" again. The average price of a bicycle exceeds that of the public. Is domestic no longer synonymous with cheap?

2021-08-26 03:44:34 Vehicle skill collection

According to the data of the Federation , This year, 7 The retail volume of domestic passenger cars in June was 150 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year decline in 6.2%. among , Independent brand retail 64 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 20%, Not only outperform the market , The share of retail sales is also as high as 42.5%.

however , Behind the general rise of independent brands , Pain spots are gradually revealed , namely “ Go up ” More and more difficult , Not to mention surpassing luxury brands , Even if you want to surpass ordinary joint venture brands, it is even more difficult . Take Volkswagen as an example , Its 2020 The annual average price of a single car is 145549 element , This year, 7 Month also reached 146669 element , And most independent brands are still 10 10000 level market force .

however , There is such a car company, but it will “ High-end ” The road is clear , This car company is known as BYD .2020 In the year , The average price of BYD's bicycle is 131473 element , There is only a slight gap with the public , And in the past 7 month , The average price of BYD's bicycle reached 155992 element , Successfully surpass the public . Up to now , BYD 2021 The annual average price of a single car reaches 151839 element , The public in the same period is only 147846 element . As a domestic brand , BYD's average bicycle price exceeds that of the public, which is really worth blowing , That's behind the rise of BYD's average bicycle price , What do you rely on ?

Let's analyze BYD's average bicycle price , According to Guoxin Securities data , BYD's average bicycle price is in a leading position among similar domestic brands , Its passenger cars cover 4-34 Ten thousand price range , Average price of products 10 The annual growth is close to 2.5 times ,2020 The annual average price of a single car is only 13.15 ten thousand , but 2021 Expected to reach 15.17 ten thousand .

The average price of a single car is an important indicator to measure the brand power and product power of car enterprises , Simply speaking , The average price of a single car represents the brand image and positioning , For example, the average price of Weilai car has exceeded that of Audi 、 lexus , Then it is in line with the positioning of its own luxury brand . And BYD can surpass the public , It also shows that it has passed “ Brand up ” The path of .

The average price of BYD increased , First, the product needs to be upward , That is, the product is impacting to a higher price ; Secondly, the brand needs to be upward , After all, brand image will affect consumers' car purchase decisions . The key factor supporting the above two points is technology , Without technology , The above two points are “ Empty talk ”. But apparently , BYD has done the above three things .

First , Product upward and brand upward belong to the part of mutual achievement , BYD is the first batch of breakthroughs “20 Wan ceiling ” Our own brand car company , The original BYD Tang DM Sells for more than 20 After all , Also achieved good sales . And then , BYD flagship car —— The arrival of Han , It has also stabilized the high-end image of the brand , In the process of BYD's brand building ,“ Dynasty Series ” " .

secondly , BYD currently sells 23 paragraph , The selling price breaks through “20 Wan ceiling ” The models are 5 paragraph . among , The price of the flagship car BYD Han not only breaks through 20 ten thousand , Cumulative sales also exceeded 10 Thousands of cars , This year, 7 Monthly sales also reached 8522 car , As a medium and large car , Han really broke the confinement of luxury brands ; The flagship SUV BYD Tang also has good sales performance , The cumulative sales of the Tang family exceeded 25 Thousands of cars , This year, 7 The monthly sales volume is also 4676 car , Just as well .

The factor that really supports the brand and products is technology , To put it bluntly, this is also a product “ your ” Why . I think , Friends who know a little about BYD , We all know BYD is a “ Technical school ”. First , Recently, many car companies are facing “ Core missing ” The pain of , There are even rumors that Audi is because “ Core missing ” Will stop production A4L、A6L Waiting for the bus , BYD has its own chip R & D capability , And BYD also claims : Sufficient chip margin ; secondly ,IGBT Chips are the of new energy vehicles “ The brain ”, But the technology was used by Infineon 、 Mitsubishi and other giants monopolize , BYD is the only company in China that can independently develop vehicle specification level IGBT Chip companies , It has a perfect IGBT Supply chain , Simply speaking , stay IGBT No one in the field can “ Sanction ” BYD .

Macro Technology , In the field of new energy vehicles , BYD's master technology is “ Blade battery ” and DM-i Super hybrid system . Most of BYD's models have been “ sabre ”, Although the principle of blade battery is still lithium iron phosphate battery , But BYD passed “ Blades ” array , Let it have better volume utilization , And take into account the safety , In BYD's words, it will spontaneous combustion 、 Deflagration and other words are erased from the dictionary of new energy vehicles . It is reported that , BYD will provide batteries for other manufacturers in the future , Like the red flag , There are even rumors that Tesla will buy BYD's blade batteries .

as for DM-i Super hybrid system , It enriches DM Matrix of series , While ensuring the endurance , The purpose of energy saving is achieved . differ DM-p Performance oriented ,DM-i Have EV、 Series connection 、 parallel connection 、 There are four working modes of direct drive , To Qin PLUS DM-i For example , It also has Xiaoyun - Special for plug-in and mixing 1.5L High efficiency engine , The power and fuel consumption of the whole vehicle is only 3.8L/100km, Really bid farewell to the plug-in hybrid car “ There is an electric train , A worm without electricity ” Era .

Watching Geely launch Lingke , The Great Wall launched WEY, And BYD hasn't done anything yet , I was also sorry . What I didn't expect was , BYD itself has created “ High-end ” Image , Even Han 、 Tang belongs to BYD's matrix , The price can still break through “20 Wan ceiling ”. There may be some “ Keyboard man ” It is too confident that BYD's average bicycle price exceeds that of the public , But I think it's inevitable , With the support of powerful technology , BYD can fully support 20 The price of more than 10000 , I personally believe BYD will get better and better , Our own brand will be better and better .

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