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The battery life of pure electric is 265km and the price is 20% off. Is the Audi q2l e-tron worth buying?

2021-08-26 03:44:58 Vehicle skill collection

At the end of the day , The car is a means of transportation , From an economic point of view , Pure electric models seem to be more suitable for urban commuting , Because it will not be restricted , Travel costs are also lower , The important thing is that you don't have to pay purchase tax for pure electric models , So if your car scene is only in the city , Then I suggest you buy a pure electric model . Today, , We have brought a low-cost luxury five seat with German quality SUV—— audi Q2L e-tron.

audi Q2L e-tron It can be said that it is in the pure electric camp of luxury brands , The cheapest model , It's not just the guide price 22.68-23.73 Ten thousand yuan , There are also large terminal discounts in the region , Such as Chengdu where the author is located , The dealer quoted prices for bare cars 6.2 About 10000 price cuts ( Different regions , Offers may vary ), It's basically a 20% discount , Lower threshold . Behind that cheap , audi Q2L e-tron What about your strength ? Let's take today's real shot of this pure electric enjoyment model as an example , Have a good chat with everyone .

audi Q2L e-tron Although it is a pure electric model , But it still uses a large family front grille , There is chrome plating around , Strong visual impact , It looks exquisite . To make it easy to distinguish , audi Q2L e-tron There is also a closed treatment inside the China network ; Birth “ Lamp factory ”, audi Q2L e-tron The style of the headlights is quite personalized , In house LED The light source , It is provided with headlamp delay off 、 Rain fog mode 、 Automatic headlights , However, adaptive high and low beams need to be optional .

concise 、 Smooth side lines , It provides a fairly good visual effect for the compact side , Look carefully and you will find , audi Q2L e-tron stay C The side of the column is also used “e-tron” English logo to distinguish the fuel version models . besides , Looking at the wheel hub is also a good way , audi Q2L e-tron A set of semi enclosed hub styles are used , Two color matching is also very fashionable , The tire is Hantai wantoushi Ventus S1 evo2 series , The specification is 215/55 R17; In terms of size , audi Q2L e-tron The length, width and height are respectively 4237/1785/1548mm, The wheelbase is 2628mm.

On the rather round tail , audi Q2L e-tron It is also decorated with a large number of horizontal lines , While widening the visual width , It also enriches the sense of hierarchy of the whole vehicle . Multi banner trim surrounded by the bottom , Echo the front face , It highlights the integrity of the whole vehicle , It also improves the sense of grade .

audi Q2L e-tron 's interior , Keep up with the generation A3 The interior upholstery is quite similar , The center console is relatively “ full ”, The round air outlet has a fighting smell , But compared with Audi's latest interior design , Obviously a lot worse ; In terms of materials , audi Q2L e-tron The overall visual effect is pretty good , The center of the center console is also decorated with imitation carbon fiber trim to enhance the sense of movement , But it feels like , The hard plastic lining material virtually reduces the sense of grade .

The steering wheel is a conventional three spoke type , But leather +“ The fourth ring ”Logo The addition of , Make the visual effect of the whole steering wheel 、 The grip is pretty good . audi Q2L e-tron It uses the Audi family style ball stopper , What it feels like to me is , It feels better than the common knob .

configuration ,12.3 Inch full LCD Meter +8.3 Inch center panel , The display effect is very clear , The reaction speed is also very fast , Information 、 The functions are quite complete , Like the Internet of vehicles 、CarPlay And so on , But unfortunately , audi Q2L e-tron Not with OTA Upgrade services . in addition , More stingy is , Even constant speed cruising , Also need extra flowers 1000 Yuan for options . In terms of configuration , audi Q2L e-tron The configuration is quite rich , But most of them need to be optional , This is also the usual means of luxury brands .

audi Q2L e-tron It comes standard with a set of leather / Fabric mix and match seats , Leather seats are optional , In terms of visual senses , The style of this set of seats is quite good , The blue lines also suggest the identity of pure electricity , The overall comfort is satisfactory . Of course , This is also the exhibition car with optional seat lumbar support , Seat heating function, etc .

audi Q2L e-tron The volume of the official standard trunk is 347 l , The internal regularity is also very high , The left and right sides are also provided with hooks , Very practical . meanwhile , audi Q2L e-tron The rear seats can also be pressed 4/2/4 Scale down , Can effectively expand the rear compartment space .

Power on , audi Q2L e-tron A self-developed permanent magnet is used / Synchronous drive motor , The total power for 100kW, The total torque is 290N·m, The maximum speed can reach 150km/h. Battery , audi Q2L e-tron Used a piece 39.7kWh Ternary lithium battery as power source , The nominal endurance is 265km, There are DC DC fast charging ,AC AC slow charging has two forms of energy supplement , Fast charging time 0.6h, Rechargeable 80%.

Last , In terms of chassis suspension , audi Q2L e-tron McPherson independent suspension for front suspension , The rear suspension is a multi link independent suspension , The adjustment style is more comfortable , Plus the better NVH control , And heavier chassis settings , audi Q2L e-tron The overall driving experience is pretty good .

On the whole , audi Q2L e-tron All aspects of performance were quite good , chassis 、 The design is very interesting , And the discount is very strong . but , Most configurations require options , And a small range , Audi, too Q2L e-tron shortcomings . As I said before , If you only need a city bus , Then consider Audi Q2L e-tron, On the contrary, if you want to take it away ? That may not work , After all, endurance is a big problem .

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