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The budget is about 100000. These three large space SUVs not only boost the power belt, but also have reliable quality

2021-08-26 03:46:29 Vehicle skill collection

Although today's economic level is growing rapidly , But the budget of most ordinary families in buying cars is also 10 All around , Although this price can buy Harvard H6、CS75 PLUS And other mainstream models , But the configuration is not too high . by comparison , Let's take a look at what the author is going to say today 3 A big space SUV, They not only boost the power belt , The quality is still very reliable , The point is that the top allocation is only about 100000 . They are :

The first paragraph , The harvard M6

The guided :6.60-9.29 ten thousand

Regional offers :↓0.5 ten thousand ( Chengdu area , The same below )

In a sense , The harvard M6 It can be regarded as the previous generation of Harvard H6 Of “ continue ”, Because it uses the same old model H6 The same three big pieces . also , At the beginning of this year, a new 2021 On models , The harvard M6 It also enables a new design language , Younger overall 、 The dynamic . Of course , Compare design , The harvard M6 What's more interesting is its space , be based on 4664/1830/1729mm Data of length, width and height of , And as long as 2680mm Shaft spacing and five seat layout , Let it have a quite spacious riding space .

meanwhile , According to the official , When Harvard M6 When the rear seats of the are down , The maximum volume of the trunk can reach 2010 l , The load capacity is quite excellent in the same level ; motivation , The harvard M6 There is a 1.5T Turbocharged engine , Maximum power is 110kW(150Ps), The maximum torque is 210N·m. Transmission in , The harvard M6 There is one 7DCT( Wet type ) The gearbox is connected with a 6MT transmission ; Configuration , The harvard M6 There are 360° Panoramic images 、 Automatic parking 、 Cruise control 、 Keyless entry / start-up 、 With car networking /OTA Of 12.3 Inch screen 、 whole LED headlight 、 Automatic air conditioning, etc .

In the second paragraph : Byd's song

The guided :6.98-9.38 ten thousand

Regional offers :↓0.5 ten thousand

About BYD song , I believe everyone has been sung recently PLUS DM-i Attracted by the , In fact, this classic BYD song , It is also a good compact SUV. The classic song also uses BYD's “Dragon Face” Dragon face design language , The front face is more chic , Double waistlines at the sides enhance the sense of movement , Through tail lights at the rear , The style is pretty good , The addition of chromium plating , Enhance the sense of refinement .

In terms of size , The length, width and height of biadson are 4600/1830/1700mm, The wheelbase is 2660mm, The overall riding space is very important for the author 175cm In terms of height , There is more legroom in the back 2 Many fists , The performance is quite spacious . in addition , BIAD song's configuration is also good , Like a power sunroof 、 bluetooth /NFC The key 、 Cruise control 、 belt PM2.5 Filtered automatic air conditioner 、 Headlamp delay off 、 With Internet of vehicles 10.1 Inch large central control screen, etc , It can meet the daily needs of buyers at this price . Power on , Song provided one 1.5T All aluminum engine , The most powerful 160 horsepower , Peak torque 245 Cattle meters , There is a match 6 Wet double clutch gearbox .

In the third paragraph : vision X6

The guided :6.89-9.99 ten thousand

Regional offers :↓0.65 ten thousand

Geely's vision family is also widely recognized by the people “ matrix ”, And vision X6 It is a compact model with good reputation SUV. Although the vision X6 There is no new model yet , But the design of the old model is not backward , The whole is quite atmospheric , accord with SUV The identity of the ; In terms of size , vision X6 The length, width and height are respectively 4546/1834/1715mm, The wheelbase is 2661mm, The overall ride space is pretty good , For the author 175cm It's enough for your height , There is still a lot of surplus .

Top configuration vision X6 The degree of configuration is very high , It's not just 6 airbag , And active braking 、360° Panoramic images 、 Full speed adaptive cruise 、 Panoramic skylight can be opened 、 Leather steering wheel 、 Seat heating , And an automatic air conditioner with a negative ion generator ; Power on , vision X6 It uses a machine developed by Geely 1.4T Small displacement turbocharged engine , Maximum power is 141 horsepower , The maximum torque is 235 Cattle meters , There is a simulator matching 8 A forward gear CVT Stepless gearbox .

in general , The three models mentioned above , It's about 100000. You can buy top matching , Space is enough big 、 The power also comes with T The compact SUV, And they come from big factories , It also has a relatively reliable quality assurance . Of course , Compare with haver H6、CS75 PLUS And other mainstream domestic compact SUV, They are a little inferior , But at home , There is no essential difference between the two sides . that , If you are about to choose a car , You will spend about 100000 on the three models mentioned today , Or consider H6、CS75 PLUS?

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