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A car specially built for walking to work, with a minimum endurance of 301km and 59900 trips, Chery little ant

2021-08-26 03:46:34 Vehicle news briefing

In the past time , We have seen rapid changes in the new energy market , The new forces of car making have completed the layout of the high-end market , And GAC 、 saic 、 Geely and other big manufacturers have also launched an impact on the high-end pure electric vehicle market . However , Under these brands , Some manufacturers are beginning to improve the blue ocean market of entry-level commuters , Including the Chery ant made by Chery .

Chery ant is actually Chery in the past eQ1, And after the upgrade , Transformed into Chery ant, it has a more personalized design . Just like its name , Every detail line and functional zone on the front of the car has a very clear boundary division , Even in a diversion structure wrapped in a rounded rectangle , It also carries some sporty pores to enhance visual personality .

In the shaping of such details as headlights , Chery didn't make the car look too unique , Its headlights are relatively regular , It's just accompanied by A The column is connected with the bulge at the edge of the hood , It will have a stronger three-dimensional effect , Standard configuration LED Day light , It will bring some ferocity to the vehicle .

Unfortunately, the car body is not as creative as the front face , In the three door structure layout, some old Chery elements will be exposed on the side , For example, this slightly folded upper and lower double waist line can see the shadow of the former Chery car , The dive feeling it creates is not very popular now .

But the tail of Chery ant is a little unexpected , The slightly angled rear windshield and the tailgate panel are in a completely parallel plane , And what's special is , Its B The transition between the column and the tailgate is completely surrounded by black hard plastic , They will directly cover the entire tailgate edge , Plus the rear bumper with sports shield , I don't know. I thought the little ant was going to a rally .

interiors , Chery ant is really not very good , But starting with this vertical center console , It can take advantage of its peers . Different models will provide different vertical suspension central control systems , The low configuration is car radio + Physical buttons , The high configuration has a vertical large screen and air conditioning console , The gears are all small knobs , The overall level is not high , But it won't seem cheap .

In fact, when decorating the cabin , Chery doesn't offer many options , Except seat 、 Most of the accessible areas outside the steering wheel are made of plastic lined materials and a few soft bags , On the contrary, a large proportion of color decorative panels will be embedded in the front bumper of the co driver and the door armrest , The smooth panel is hard , But it will make the cabin more interesting .

Go back to the vertical touch screen on the central control , Actually from 6.49 From the beginning of the sub low configuration model of 10000 yuan, it has covered the cabin , It's just , The standard function is only Bluetooth call 、CarLife Mobile phone interconnection and reversing image , And want to get navigation 、 Voice interaction and remote car couplets still need to purchase Chinese accessories .

But for other configurations , After all, Chery's little ants are mainly on foot , It will only cover things like reversing images 、 Imitation leather seats 、 belt PM2.5 Filter these utility functions . But on the queen , It still has access to a wireless charging board 、 Intelligent functions such as automatic parking deserve it “ Queen ” Two words .

In terms of riding ,3200/1670/1590mm The space that the car body can create is still relatively limited , The back seat can only barely support 175cm There is a certain gap between the left and right passengers , Taller people will feel crowded ; meanwhile , Its seat padding is also slightly thin , Comfort needs to be improved . But back to the goal of commuting , Chery ant's double row 4 The seat can still win with practicality .

Power system ,30kW/120N·m The rear permanent magnet synchronous motor is not optional , But under non full load , Its start is particularly light , The car body is also well controlled , Although not strong , But the whole sense of acceleration is no problem . And short is 301km、 Long term 408km Range of , Still have some advantages in the commuter car market , It's a little difficult to get on the highway , But short distance intercity driving is still not a problem .

Suspension system , The front and rear McPherson independent suspension provided by Chery will remind us of some German trots , Of course , Chery ant must be hard to talk about sports adjustment , However, the body control in curve and high-speed driving is still in place . It's just , Its filtering shock is somewhat unsatisfactory , The filtration of fine bumps is not too thorough , This is a stumbling block to limit its further development in the commuter market .

At the end

Chery ant has been struggling in China's commuter car market for a long time , boil “ die ” After knowing beans, it has received Wuling Hongguang MINIEV The squeeze of , But just 3 From the perspective of meter class commuter market segment , It still occupies a good market share , Can the more interesting design and more and more practical functions make it further ? Maybe it depends on 09 The little ant of the moon Pro How high is the quality .

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