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A real high-performance luxury car, top equipped with 1050 nm, breaking 100 in 2.8 seconds. Does the Porsche taycan smell good?

2021-08-26 03:46:45 Vehicle news briefing

all the time , High performance sports cars focus on large displacement , But Porsche Taycan The emergence of changed this phenomenon , The appearance of the car can be said to be of pioneering significance , It informs consumers that there is still a certain place for a high-performance four door electric sports car . And after listing , The new car has also achieved a lot of dazzling performance aura , For example, the fastest four door electric vehicle in the north ring of Nurburgring 、 Electric vehicles with the longest continuous drift distance in the world , Therefore, it has also attracted many consumers' attention . It has been on the market for two years now Taycan, The models are quite rich , In addition to ordinary sports car design , There is also a hunting version , There are also many differences between endurance and power .

Let's first understand the design , Today we mainly take the ordinary sedan version as an example , Because the hunting edition has not been introduced into the domestic market , So even if young consumers prefer a more wild style , But after all, I can't buy it at present . And the front face , There is no doubt that it adopts the characteristics of the Porsche family , Frog face shape is very recognizable , But the details have also made some changes to different fuel models , For example, the closed front grille is matched with the more sharp headlamp groups on both sides , The visual effect is even more ferocious .

Four points on both sides LED Matrix headlights , It's also the biggest highlight of the front face , Because it has a longitudinal air curtain design , Let the overall effect have a lasting appeal .

In fact, from the official positioning ,Taycan Not a sports car , Strictly speaking, it is a medium and large car , Only the four door and four seat design and sliding back body are adopted , It looks like a coupe . From the side contour of the car body , The whole is still relatively simple , It belongs to the mellow style of Porsche , But the hidden door handle and bilateral charging ports still expose its identity as a pure electric vehicle . It is worth mentioning that , The new car charging port cover supports touch sensing , Therefore, the rechargeable sense of technology and ceremony are in place .

And the rim style and specification , There are differences according to different models , For example, two low configuration models are equipped with 19 " , High configuration is 20 " , The top configuration has reached 21 " , In conjunction with Porsche white painted brake calipers and PSCB Brake system , It's better to spend more money .

The tail design is relatively simple , It can be said that in addition to the through tail lamp group , It's hard to have anything interesting , Including the tail lamp group is also an extremely slender design , After lighting up, the visual effect and unique sense of hierarchy brighten people's eyes , Coupled with the brand of glass texture logo, The sense of delicacy is naturally impeccable . Unfortunately, as a pure electric vehicle , The exhaust will not appear , Sound waves can only be simulated by electronic systems .

After sitting in the car , In the past, if Porsche's models gave people a full sense of combat , that Taycan Pay more attention to the creation of scientific and technological atmosphere . For example, the center console can be said to be composed of four large-size LCD screens , Ensure that the sense of technology does not make people feel tacky , This may be the charm of the brand , If you change to a domestic brand , That's it iPad Assembler , To tell you the truth Taycan The interface design of these four screens really has no slot points . And the color is very rich , A variety of different combinations are available , But some color matching will lead to different materials , So the price is different .

As for workmanship and materials , Even plain cars are enough to satisfy your fantasy of millions of luxury cars , Of course, if you are willing to spend money, it will be more luxurious .

Let's say that the new car is equipped with four LCD screens , This is the biggest highlight in the car , First, the screen size is considerable . The full LCD instrument is 16.8 Inch , It is also the largest model in mass production at present , Therefore, the display information is very complete ,UI The interface is a classic Porsche circular design , Like regular driving information 、ACC Adaptive cruise 、 Tire pressure monitoring and driving mode selection . and 10.9 Inch central control screen with the lower part 8.4 Inch touch screen , It is to control some comfort configurations in the car , For example, air conditioning 、 Atmosphere lamp 、 Sound, etc , Then cooperate with the LCD screen in front of the co pilot , The entertainment effect is absolutely in place .

In other configurations , Actually, Porsche Taycan There are few options , Driving aids are optional , But even so, there is no lane departure warning , And full speed adaptive cruise belongs to the optional content of the whole system , The price in 1.6 More than ten thousand , Therefore, Porsche is also called the rough room in the automotive industry by netizens . Not to mention 21 The sound of Berlin sound of the horn , The price is as high as 4.2 More than ten thousand , In this way, a little optional will cost 10 More than 10000 budget .

And the feeling of riding , First of all, there is no problem with the wrapping and support of the seat , This kind of car that can run the track must pay attention to this , And Porsche is also considerate with leg support , Further improve comfort , But still limited by its low body , I'm still a little tired after driving for a long time . The rear row is a two seat design , Wrapping is also good , Emergency is enough , But don't let it 2.9 M wheelbase , In fact, the back row space is very ordinary .

Finally, the dynamic performance , There are four models on sale , Range and performance are also divided into four types , Minimum match NEDC life 414km, 100km acceleration 5.4 second ; The second low configuration is 417km life , 100km acceleration 4 second ; Secondary top matching 450km life , 100km acceleration 3.2 second , As for the top version , The endurance is 412km, But accelerate 100 kilometers 2.8 second , The maximum torque of the motor can reach 1050 cattle · rice . And the four models except the minimum configuration , All equipped with 4WD system .

The chassis is all the same , Front double wishbone and rear multi link independent suspension , In addition to the minimum configuration model, variable air suspension is equipped as standard , It also has an optional rear axle limited slip differential .

summary : From R & D to marketing ,Taycan Keep on talking , According to the current market feedback , It has been recognized by consumers , Compare Tesla Model S Waiting for competitive products , Regardless of brand or performance , In particular, its driving experience really has the upper hand , But the only slot may be the range , After all 200 Universal selection Panamera and 911, Their performance is not bad , So I hope Porsche can provide longer endurance in the future , To improve the overall product power .

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