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Another household pure electric SUV, with large space and rich configuration, has a range of 610km, only 99800

2021-08-26 03:47:00 Vehicle news briefing

Speaking of Nezha car , As a member of the new power brand , Its products are also quite good , The cost performance is quite high . Today, we will introduce Nezha's second mass production model , Which zha U, Let's take a look at its performance .

Which zha U The appearance design has a high degree of recognition , Especially the front face , The most important thing is its penetrating LED Daytime running light design , Visually H shape . And to take care of endurance , Under different driving modes , Its daytime running lights also have different lighting conditions . The front surround design has a strong three-dimensional feeling , And added AGS Active grille air shutter , Effectively reduce wind resistance and heat dissipation .

The design of headlights is also very interesting , Integrated with daytime running lights , And in order not to steal the spotlight of the running lights , Use black background , There is a hidden feeling . The interior adopts far and near integration design , It's all standard LED The light source , The real shooting model is also equipped with adaptive high and low beams and automatic headlights .

Which zha U The side design is also more interesting , The front and rear suspension design is very short , The wheels are also as close to the corner as possible , This high axle ratio design also effectively improves the interior space . At the same time, with the design of suspended roof ,D The inclination of the column is also large , The waistline has also been rising , The whole is very dynamic .

The real model is equipped with a 19 Inch two-color five spoke rim , Low wind resistance design is adopted , The visual effect is very good . The tires are equipped with horse brand UC6 SUV series , The tire specification is 225/55 R19, This tire width only meets the daily use level . however Pro 400 and Pro 500 The model is only equipped with 18 Inch wheels , The tire specification is 225/60 R18.

The design of the rear uses many through horizontal lines , black D Column design , Make it look directly from the rear , The suspension effect is great , The overall sense of hierarchy is also very rich . However, the focus of the tail is the design of its tail lamp , The two sides also extend longer , The edges of the transparent lampshade were blackened , Internal direct use LED The light band is made up of , The lighting effect is great . The back surround shape echoes the front surround , It's very stereoscopic , The bottom is black plastic , Play the role of anti rubbing .

Which zha U It can be said that the car is full of a sense of science and Technology , There are... In the whole car 8 screen , And the real shooting model also provides transparent A Column configuration , This function is still very futuristic , And the optimization is also very good , It's great to use . The material used in the central console is also awesome , The top is covered with soft materials , The middle trim panel is hard , And the place often touched is wrapped with leather , Match with stitching , The texture is very good .

The instrument panel uses a 12.3 Inch LCD screen ,UI The interface design is also very good , The visual feeling is very good . But its steering wheel is too small , Cover the instrument panel , So sometimes it's not good to have a big screen . At the same time, it also designs a camera on the steering column , Used to monitor the driver's status .

The central control screen is also a piece 12.3 Inch Touch Screen , The car engine system is also very good , Clarity and reaction speed are good , The actual experience of multimedia system is also very good . And most functions of the vehicle can be set , The functionality is also relatively rich . It's worth saying that , Which zha U Also equipped with sentinel mode , Vehicle's own 24 Hourly monitoring , Real time reporting .

A touch LCD screen is also designed under the center console , Use black background , The visual effect is very good , A strong sense of wholeness . However, this screen is mainly used for air conditioning control operation , Three knobs are also reserved , They are commonly used , It's also easier to operate .

For security configuration , The real model is equipped with 6 airbag , however Pro 400 Models and parts Pro 500 The model is only equipped with 4 airbag , However, the tire pressure is displayed as standard . And in active safety , The real shooting model is also equipped with parallel assistance 、 Lane departure warning 、 Lane Keeping Assist 、 Road traffic sign recognition 、 Active braking and fatigue driving tips , From the configuration table ,Pro 400 All models are not equipped with active safety function .

In terms of auxiliary driving, the real shooting model is also equipped with front and rear parking radar 、360 Degree panoramic image 、 Full speed adaptive cruise and Auto Park , Also from the configuration table ,Pro 400 Only the rear parking radar is provided for this model 、 Reverse image and cruise control .

The design of the seat is still very beautiful , All in one athletic look , And used a leather wrap , Add more stitches , The sense of class is still very good . However, the disadvantage of the integrated seat is that the head restraint cannot be adjusted , It's not good for drivers of different heights . There is little difference between the rear seats and the front seats , The symmetrical design effect is also very good , However, the interior filler of the seat is also hard , The comfort is not very good .

Performance of riding space , By height 1.77 Take the experience of rice as an example , Adjust the driving position properly , One punch left in head space . Keep the seat unchanged , The experimenter enters the back , There is more than one punch left in the head space , Legroom is more than two punches , At this level , This performance is still very good . And the real shooting model also provides an openable panoramic sunroof , The car is very permeable .

The power part of the real shooting model adopts the maximum power 150kW, Maximum torque 310N·m Motor , and Pro 400 and Pro 500 The model is only equipped with maximum power 120kW, Maximum torque 210N·m Motor . The transmission is equipped with a single speed fixed gear ratio gearbox , The chassis suspension is also the front McPherson independent suspension , Rear multi-link independent suspension .

Nezha on the battery pack U Didn't publish much information , But what we know is that the whole system uses ternary lithium batteries , It also provides three range . The actual model is 610km, That is to say Pro 610 models , and Pro 500 Models of NEDC Mileage to 500km,Pro 400 Models of NEDC Mileage to 400km. And the whole system supports fast charging ,0.5 Hours to fill 80% The electricity .

in general , At present, Nezha U Another selling point , That's three years of free charging , However, only the above models can enjoy . In terms of price and configuration level , Which zha U Your sincerity is also quite sufficient , The overall cost performance ratio is high . But Nezha U There is another drawback , That is, some models do not provide unlimited warranty for unlimited years and mileage , Only five years or 50 Thousands of kilometers .

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