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Large space, rich configuration and simple interior style. Do you like aion y?

2021-08-26 03:54:12 Vehicle news briefing

In today's auto market, consumers have obviously begun to move towards 90 And after 00 Rear approach , In order to meet the needs of young people , Many car companies began to improve all aspects of vehicles . The sense of science and technology, fashion flu and various designs with personality and concept have become the problems that many car manufacturers have begun to overcome , In this regard, GAC ea AION Y What's the performance of ? Today, let's talk about how this car gives me personal feelings , See how it uses its advantages to conquer young customers .

First, from the aspect of appearance , The whole car looks like science fiction , Compared with the products of family continuity, it is very different . Relatively speaking, the bright body color gives a strong visual impact . The front face is designed with a sense of future , The gray guard below still looks a little wild , Embody the elements of vitality , Matching with bright colors will AION Y The recognition of the front face has been improved a lot . There is a... In the bumper under the front face 360 Degree holographic image device , Be able to control the vehicle distance and other aspects well .

To tell you the truth, I personally don't think this forked headlamp has any beauty , It seems to be with some deliberate , Some riders say this is “ Wings of angels ” Design concept of , This depends on personal Aesthetics , Some riders can accept , Some riders will find it superfluous , It's not as good as being regular . The interior of the headlamp is equipped with a divergent lamp belt , Reflect the hierarchy of headlights , This has indeed made “ Bring the painted dragon to life by putting in the pupils of its eyes ” The smell of , It arrived while driving AION Y A stronger sense of movement .

The streamline design on the side of the vehicle gives the body a large display space , The window is slightly narrow . The highlight is the baffle above the wheel , From a distance, there is some carbon texture , It is the absolute key to improve the overall appearance of the side of the vehicle . In terms of the outer frame, I will feel a little stiff , It doesn't look very round , Maybe just starting to contact AION Y My car friends will feel a little strange . But let's talk about it AION Y The wheel hub is really nice , The design has the flavor of science fiction , Smoky black promotes the breath of sports , I feel it when the car runs .

The design of the tail is really a little straight , Not as avant-garde as the front looks , But the simple style makes it not so weird , The longitudinal height of the rear is very good , It can meet the high requirements of family use , This is also one of the selling points . It can be said that its overall shape is not so perfect , Whether consumers can accept this varies from person to person , I personally feel that it may be a little unnatural , But the sense of technology is still reflected .

The interior design is very good in my opinion , The design is very simple , No one can pursue that luxurious style , Most young car owners should like this minimalist style , It seems that there is a feeling of physical and mental happiness . Simple style is now linked with fashion and concept , This coincides with the concept pursued by young people now . The design of the steering wheel is quite characteristic , The slightly flat bottom design can increase the grip , And make the overall steering wheel look more rigid . The bright black color matches well with the overall interior color .

In front of the steering wheel is a piece 10.25 Inch suspended full LCD dashboard , At this time, the sense of technology is reflected . In recent years, this design is also a hot spot for young people to be willing to consume , The display of this instrument panel is very clear , It also has a built-in driver detection system and face recognition . While driving , Driving the car owner can reduce a lot of manual operation , Unlock various functions through the function of face recognition .

Then there is a piece above the center console 14.6 Inch large central control screen , Ultra narrow border design is what I value very much , Don't make it look very bulky chicken ribs . The screen is also very clear , Each entertainment function also has , Navigation is a must . The car engine system is also matched with the bumper under the front face , The same is used 360 Degree holographic image system , Can more clearly observe the position of the vehicle body at all times , Fluency is also high , One of the main selling points is that automatic parking can be completed with a light touch .

In terms of workmanship, we can see that we are still very attentive , The color mix of leather seats gives me a very simple and elegant feeling , This color matching is also more convenient for daily care . The driver's seat also supports manual operation 6 Directional regulation , ventilation 、 Heating and memory function , There are all kinds of conventional seat functions . The panoramic roof is really set carefully , It can be opened in sections .

The rear seat is equipped with USB The interface also has air outlet of air conditioner , The rest of the functions are gone , But it doesn't affect AION Y In terms of interior decoration , In my opinion, the functions are complete enough . The space of the rear compartment must be a matter of concern , After opening the trunk, we will find that the interior space is very flat , It can meet the needs of family placement to a great extent . The rear seat can also be folded , Give more space to the trunk .

The engine uses a permanent magnet synchronous motor , power 135KW, Total torque 225N·m, The battery used is the magazine battery of GAC AIAN . As a tram , It is very sexy in terms of power , It can give the driver an accurate and smooth driving experience . The power system is also given to 4 A model , The economy 、 Standard and motion and strong kinetic energy recovery . The throttle will be a little soft in economic mode , If you accelerate in standard mode, you can have some push back feeling . Motion mode you can quickly feel the response of the vehicle , It belongs to the feeling of how to step on it .

Strong kinetic energy recovery mode will give you a drag feeling , The dynamic response is very slow , Feedback is slow , It's suitable for going out for a ride when you're bored , Look at the scenery , Be lazy .AION Y It's really a compact SUV, But its wheelbase is very long , Reached 2750mm. McPherson suspension and torsion beam independent suspension system can ensure the stability of the vehicle body , But because of the size of the chassis , Protection has decreased . As a whole AION Y If you drive , This is a car that allows you to build relationships when you drive , The interior upholstery was very comprehensive , As for appearance, it depends on personal Aesthetics , If it's you , Will you pay for it ?

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