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The actual shot of extreme fox alpha s, with a length of 4930mm and an atmospheric shape, is equipped with a 20.3-inch central control screen

2021-08-26 03:54:27 Vehicle news briefing

BAIC new energy's entry into the luxury new energy market should be unexpected to many people , When most people think ARCFOX Extreme fox will because ARCFOX-1 When the arrival of is reduced to a low-cost brand , Polar fox took out polar fox alpha a few years later S This work . Although the first listed polar fox alpha S Not related to Huawei yet , But its comprehensive strength is in the field of medium and large pure electric domestic cars , It's relatively online . Today, let's talk about the strength of this car ?

Alpha the fox S There is no exaggerated style expression in the front design , The edge line between the light area and the grid section divides the front into upper and lower halves , There are four hood fronts above , At the bottom, a large-size medium mesh similar to the fuel truck is retained , And supplemented by semi enclosed chrome plated metal strips , Overall, it looks more stable .

The same is true of the teardrop style headlights , Although it provides matrix LED Optional with adaptive high and low beam lamps , But in addition, there is no exaggerated split or additional decoration , The slightly blackened frame sets off the daytime light more prominently . however , Alpha the fox S It's a little surprising to be on your side ,4930/1940/1599mm The proportion of body size is special , near 1.6 The body height of meters is more like a cross-border car SUV, and 1940mm The width also has a certain tendency of wide body . At this size , The segmented waistline raises the visual center of gravity on the front and rear wheel arches , Plus the anti scratch strip with strong three-dimensional feeling , The whole vehicle will give people a sense of cross-border .

The rear part , Fin shaped arrangement is arranged in the lamp cavities at both ends of the through tail lamp , Above it is connected with a spoiler duck tail , Plus the special five door hatchback three compartment structure , Polar fox obviously wants to give polar fox alpha in this way S Must have motor vision . Besides , The chrome plating and medium net decoration above the rear bumper echo with the front of the car .

Get into the cabin , The central console adopts integrated screen design , Some innovations are made through the style of similar extension platform . The touch bar designed on the platform will be more suitable for the driver's blind control , Similar to the splicing double width and large-size metal shift knob of British luxury cars , It will also be easier to use . And what you can see is , Besides the seats , Alpha the fox S The baffle of 、 The door panel and even the ceiling are within the visual range , Indeed, a large proportion of high-grade decorative materials are used , Color blocking soft bag in baffle 、 Stitching leather in door panels , And the suede material that extends to the ceiling , It looks more luxurious .

Central control part , Except for those with more conventional dimensions in this level 12.3 Inch LCD panel , The actual size of the touch screen in the center of the center console has reached 20.3 Inch , It even covers part of the front fender area of the front passenger . But it falls on the car and machine , Alpha the fox S The voice interaction is fast and accurate , Including real-time navigation 、 Mobile Internet 、 Remote vehicle and face recognition cooperation are also rich , The interface design is slightly traditional .

In order to achieve a high degree of luxury , Alpha the fox S In terms of configuration . belt 12 Yanfeilish sound system of horn 、 Multimedia control covering the rear row 、 Panoramic image system with vehicle side warning, etc , Can be obtained in different configuration models , And full speed adaptive cruise 、 Electric steering wheel 、230 Light color atmosphere 、 Front multilayer sound insulation glass / The software and hardware such as rear privacy glass are standard for the whole system .

In space , Although the extreme fox alpha S Nice height , But its actual ride height is C It's not particularly brilliant in class cars , But then again , For home use , The front and rear rows are 1 The head space around the fist is still considerable ; And benefit from 2915mm The wheelbase , Back row Da 3 The leg allowance of boxing is still excellent . Only the maximum height of the hatchback tailgate is slightly lower , When taking the goods, you should pay attention to the bump on your head .

Three electricity , It's alpha S Two versions of the powertrain are available , The top configuration model will obtain power parameters up to 320kW/720N·m Dual motor four-wheel drive system , stay 4.2 More than 100 seconds, the endurance has also reached 603km; The remaining models will be 160kW/360N·m Single motor two-wheel drive , It is realized by two different specifications of batteries 525km、708km Range of , The latter is now C One of the models with the strongest endurance in the class a market .

Chassis , Alpha the fox S Did not get C The more common front axle double wishbone in the class I flagship , Instead, it continues to use McPherson independent suspension to match the rear axle multi link , Objectively speaking , alpha S The suspension is really comfortable , While it can clean the bumps , The dynamic performance is also relatively solid , This is also a big advantage of it .

At the end

Alpha the fox S As the first mass production car after the transformation of Jihu , Its design adopts the golden mean 、 Reflect luxury in configuration , These two roads just hit the main demands of the current domestic new energy consumption market , It also solves the problem of weak interior technology of domestic manufacturers 、 Poor suspension alignment , So in general , Alpha the fox S The product power of is quite good .

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