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200000 mark is close at hand? Model 3 has double price reduction, and Tesla also plays the people-friendly route

2021-08-26 03:54:32 Vehicle news briefing

Price reduction seems to be one of Tesla's hot words , When I first came out , It is also the pioneer of medium and high-end new energy vehicle enterprises in people's eyes , But recently, Tesla has taken a pro people line , Continue to benefit consumers . stay Model Y Down to 27 After ten thousand yuan ,Model 3 Followed by 24 Ten thousand yuan of the following . Someone said earlier 20 Ten thousand yuan Model 3 Accused of Arabian Nights , But now it seems that it is not nonsense . After prices fall , The car is more cost-effective , There may be a peak in sales .

Model 3 Adhere to brevity in appearance , Not using too many complex lines , Focus on fluency and fashion . The front face partially enclosed grille was unique at that time , Let many competitors imitate , It's like walking into reality from science fiction movies . There is an active air inlet under the front surround , It can be turned on or off according to driving requirements . It is worth mentioning that ,Model 3 To highlight the technology label , The car owner drives the door opening and closing mode, in addition to gently stepping on the brake to lock the door , At the same time, the card key can also be used to unlock .

The shape of the headlights is quite eye-catching , Like a mecha warrior in the sun , And integrated with the front of the car , It seems that the integrity is very prominent . Its internal structure is unique , The upper, middle and lower floors are arranged to distinguish lamp eyebrows 、 Single lens / Reflective groove 、 Lamp with , The irradiation effect is amazing .LED All light sources are standard , And both support adaptive high and low beam and automatic headlamp functions .

Model 3 The side of the body is more sporty , Smooth coordination in the application of online bar , The dive attitude is ready to go , It seems that you can run away with the push of the switch . The car will also C The pillar section is close to the rear of the vehicle , Quite cross-border .R18/19 Two kinds of aluminum alloy wheels are very dynamic , There is no doubt about the recognition during driving .

The rear of the car is full and round , The details of duckling tail are playful and lovely , People can't help looking more . Add horizontal lines at the rear enclosure , To enhance the sense of hierarchy . The tail lamp group and the front lamp group echo each other , The visual impact after opening at night is worth affirming .

Walk into the car ,Model 3 Still stick to the minimalist style , No complicated structure . The interior space of the car is created with the concept of black-and-white color contrast , It looks very classy . You can't find an entity key , It can be said that the sword goes sideways . Some people say it's full of personality , Of course, some people criticize it for being too extreme , Failed to consider some user habits .

Central control part , Even though Model 3 A large number of soft materials are also used for covering , However, the whole central control platform is only matched with through chrome plated decorative plate and suspended screen , It will inevitably be called slightly insufficient materials by some consumers . Now , With the establishment of Tesla Shanghai Super factory ,Model 3 The sewing process and the softness of seat filler have been significantly improved .

Model 3 Length up to 4694mm, The wheelbase is 2875mm, There is plenty of space . It is located in 4 door 5 A hatchback , The range of motion in the driver's seat is satisfactory , But the second row is still a little crowded with three adults .

Model 3 Cancel the instrument cluster configuration , Instead, all functions are integrated into 15 Inch touch LCD , This is rare in the industry . Its UI The interface design is clear , Be able to reasonably plan each functional area , For young consumers, it is very convenient to operate , But for middle-aged consumers , A highly integrated cockpit inevitably requires more learning costs . However, some users reported that they occasionally get stuck after driving for a long time , Tesla also needs to pay more attention to fluency .

The car also attaches great importance to safety configuration , In addition to airbags , It is also equipped with tire pressure display 、 front / Rear parking radar and other functions , Facilitate the timely detection of hazards . The segmented skylight has excellent light transmittance , Can let you enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way , But it can't be opened. It's not satisfactory . Of course , What is worth mentioning about the configuration is Tesla's unique automatic driving function , Although it is not yet fully open , But later OTA Continuous upgrade of the system , Will give the vehicle more possibilities .

motivation , After the change Model 3 Provide consumers with more options , The standard models are divided into... According to motor power 3D1 and 3D6 edition , Although the maximum range of both is 468km, but 3D6 This model is better than 3D1 There are more models in this edition 18kW power , As for the 4WD high-performance version ,3D6 The total power of the motor can be up to 357kW, and 3D1 The motor power of this version is only 339kW, The range of both exceeded 600 Kilometer pass , Have more mileage . In order to save precious time ,Model 3 And support 1 Hourly fast charging , Basically drive and go , There's no need to worry about endurance .

Model 3 Use the front two arms + Rear multi-link independent suspension , It can effectively support the body , It has achieved remarkable results in filtering road jitter . Especially when turning at high speed , Thanks to excellent chassis adjustment and low center of gravity , So whether it's Model 3 still Model Y In the dynamic performance part, it has a more eye-catching performance . But here's the thing , Because the car uses a single pedal control mode , For Chinese consumers who habitually drive with two pedals , It also requires a certain learning cost .

Speaking of the end :

Strictly speaking , If it weren't for Wuling Hongguang MINI EV It's too eye-catching , The first place in the field of new energy vehicles is not Model 3 Perhaps judge of particulars, . Tesla is also experienced in propaganda work , Will open a Model 3 Create a fashion trend , Very popular with young consumers . Once the price continues to decline , Then the car will also trigger a rush to buy , Sales can bring more surprises , Let the boss musk wake up with a smile .

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