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Wuling's new MPV, a golden partner for entrepreneurship and prosperity, is just suitable for passenger and freight transportation

2021-08-26 03:54:37 Vehicle news briefing

For friends who want to start a business and get rich , The need to buy a car must be big space 、 The high quality , Fuel consumption 、 Power at full load is also important , As for other product points, they are second . I personally think , And add a request , That is, from a big factory . On the one hand, the products of big factories can provide better quality , On the other hand , Large factories generally have a more perfect after-sales service network , In other words, buy a car and run everywhere , The huge after-sales network is the backing . Combined with the above requirements , If you are going to buy a car for entrepreneurship , I personally recommend you to choose Wuling journey .

Briefly explain the basic information of Wuling journey , All of them are 4 models , Include 1 paragraph 2 Seat seal window plate model and 3 paragraph 7 A model , The latter also supports 8、9 Seat . When it comes to the journey , You may think of Wuling's pickup journey , The two actually have similarities , For example, they are all born for entrepreneurship , And are “ sign ” Generation models . Let's take a look at the journey , At the same time, I also analyze the journey .

Since I was born to start a business , The journey must first have a big space , Secondly, it should provide enough convenience , And the car series with rich journey is enough to meet the needs of entrepreneurship . The journey appearance size reaches 5150*1840*1895mm, The wheelbase 3180mm, This is the basis of its space . On a journey 2 Take the seat seal window version as an example , Its container volume reaches 4882L, The overall volume exceeds 5000L, namely 5 Cubic meters , For consumers with load demand , Enough space to meet the demand , For example, everyone runs “ Cargo lala ”, Pull a refrigerator 、 Sofa and so on . meanwhile , The container area on the journey is 3.87 rice , The narrowest part of the rear compartment is up to 1.24 rice , The width of most plates on the market is 1.22 rice , And the journey can be used as a truck , It can directly meet the transportation needs of sofa factory .

and 7、8、9 In the passenger version of seat , In my submission 7 Seat models are actually more suitable for home or business reception , Its high configuration model has a second row of independent seats , Excellent ride comfort . meanwhile ,7 The volume of the rear compartment on the journey of the seat plate is up to 1737L, Even if it's full 7 personal , There is also a lot of space in the trunk of the journey , Be able to put down guests' luggage during business reception , household 、 Self driving can also meet the demand , And the maximum volume of the rear compartment is 2480L, It can also meet certain load requirements . and 8 For seat models, only the second row seats become “ Triple seat ”, It will carry more passengers , At the same time, it ensures the volume of the rear compartment (1737L), There is no problem for intercity traffic .

9 Seat models use 2+2+2+3 Layout , This model is to bring the manned into full play , And the width of the aisle in the vehicle reaches 472mm, Even the fourth row passengers have to get off , You don't need two 、 Three rows of passengers “ Give way ”, Excellent convenience . and 9 Seat models can be directly used as passenger cars , For example, it can be used as a commuter bus in remote areas , Back and forth between the county and towns , It can also meet everyone's entrepreneurial needs .

in addition , All models of the journey are equipped with 1.5T+6MT Dynamic combination of , The whole powertrain has been tested by the market for a long time , There's nothing wrong with the quality . meanwhile , Journey 1.5T The maximum power of the engine is 147 horsepower (108kW), Maximum torque 250N·m, Really meet the needs of full load , For example, starting on a ramp with a full load , The journey will be easier than other cars , Another example is running at high speed , Overtaking on the journey will be more convenient ,7.6L The fuel consumption of 100 kilometers can also meet everyone's requirements for economy .

Although the journey and journey belong to different models , But the journey is also born for entrepreneurship , And it has super high practicability , With its 2000*1520*365mm Flat containers , And the cargo box left 、 Right 、 The tailgate on the rear three sides can be opened separately , After opening, it is a plane with a depth of two meters , Very practical , For example, set up a stall when starting a business , When three doors open, there is a stall , Another example is that we drive by ourselves , The flat container can be directly used as a platform for cooking , Or as a table .

We can find , Wuling “ sign ” Two cars of this generation , In fact, it can't be said that it was born for which industry , Like the journey , In fact, it can be used as a truck , It can also be used as a bus , The journey is both commercial , And home , And can meet the needs of different industries . If you want to buy a business car , The Wuling models “ sign ” This generation of models can meet everyone's needs , If you want to buy a startup car , At the same time, take into account the family , That journey and journey can also be competent .

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