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The car is 5022mm long and breaks 100 in 4.9 seconds. It is equipped with air suspension as standard. What are the highlights of Weilai es8?

2021-08-26 03:54:42 Vehicle news briefing

Now , Existing in the market 7 Most cars are divided into SUV and MPV, But according to the sales volume of the market , choice SUV The majority of consumers , because SUV It has more outstanding passing and appearance , Plus some clever designs , It also makes consumers feel moved . Take Wei ES8 Come on , This car has a lot of personality , More accurately, it is a new energy with a sense of design SUV. The conductor has reached 5022mm, Front and rear dual motors 4.9 Seconds to break the , Standard air suspension , Well, in addition to these Wei Lai ES8 What else to watch ?

The shape is Wei Lai ES8 A big advantage of , The front face of the whole car is very aggressive , In particular, the front edge of the machine cover with prominent shape is matched with the split headlamp with sharp shape , Visually create the temperament of millions of luxury cars . There are not many lines in the front face , But every design is just right , Equipped with polygonal air inlet grille , Instantly fill the sports atmosphere , It also creates the visual illusion of the oil truck . The air inlet grille has an active closing function , When the vehicle speed exceeds the limit, it will turn off , Reduce wind resistance and extend range .

Aerodynamic design is integrated into the side of the body , Hidden door handle with sliding back body , To highlight the movement , The roof and body are painted in two colors , Including the rear-view mirror, the same design is adopted , At the same time, there are surrounding chrome plated bright strips on the roof , The whole looks quite advanced . The wheel arch part is covered with plastic trim panel , Its visual function improves the sports atmosphere , But in detail , This design can effectively prevent sand and stone from scratching the car paint , Protect the car paint .

The design of the tail is relatively simple , Compared to the aggressiveness of the front face , The tail is relatively stable . The tail light does not adopt the popular penetration effect , But a split structure , The appearance is slightly blackened , Plus a thick lower enclosure , The sense of movement is also very strong .

The reason why I say Wei Lai ES8 Full of design , Fully reflected in the interior part . Wei to ES8 It doesn't create a sense of technology by stacking large screens like the mainstream models nowadays , But at the level of detail, it can make users feel the sincerity of brand products to the market . for example 9.8 Inch full LCD dashboard and 11.3 Inch central control screen adopts split design , The screen color is very soft , It's not dazzling to watch at night . And the central control screen has a slight tilt angle , Even if the strong light shines , There will be no visual obstacles . Equipped with native Android system , It has very rich application expansibility , In line with young people's car habits .

It is worth mentioning that Wei Lai ES8 Unique NOMI System , It's like physical artificial intelligence , When you talk to it , It can create a very harmonious communication environment through expression , It's not like other models talking foolishly to the screen , It's a very nice little design . The shape of the shift lever is very exquisite , Not like Tesla 、 Xiaopeng adopts the design of Huai block , Instead, it uses a solid key similar to a knob , The edges are dotted with “ Lunar eclipse chromium plating ” Dark chrome trim , Coupled with the surrounding large area of cortex , The details show the high level !

Wei to ES8 Our market positioning is medium and large SUV, The length of the body 5022mm; Width 1962mm; Height 1756mm; The wheelbase 3010mm. From the size performance of the whole vehicle , Compared with medium and large-sized enterprises at the same price SUV, Wei to ES8 Not at all, because the size is slightly insufficient . And they all provide 7 Seat and 6 Different versions , Compared with 7 seat , I would prefer 6 A version . If it's a three child family , without doubt 7 The block version will be more suitable for . But in terms of ride comfort ,6 The block version will be more reasonable .

The second row seats are designed independently , It is very suitable for the elderly with inconvenient legs and feet , There is enough space in the third row for children to ride , And it's a family car , The second row seats also support multi angle adjustment , Enough to create a regular , No cramped ride space . The panoramic skylight overhead supports opening , This is more in line with young people's car .

The whole system is equipped with air suspension as standard , Absolutely , It can not only ensure that the passengers in the car have a good comfortable feeling , In the face of unpaved pavement , High ground clearance will also bring enough superior trafficability . The suspension adopts the form of front double wishbone and rear multi link independent suspension , The chassis adjustment is too hard , It can give the body higher support . The deceleration belt will not feel stiff , The model in the picture is equipped with horse brand C6 tire , Prefer motion attributes , So Wei Lai ES8 It can also bring a good handling experience .

Wei to ES8 All models are equipped with front and rear dual motors , The comprehensive power output can achieve 544Ps, Combined maximum power 400kW, Combined maximum torque 725N·m. This set of dynamic performance is put in Weilai ES8 Enough to use , official 0-100km The acceleration time calibration is 4.9 second , If it's not the value of persistent pursuit of acceleration , I think Wei Lai ES8 As a tram , In particular, the weight of the body itself has exceeded 2.42 Tons of , Can have such an accelerated experience , Enough to meet diversified driving needs . But in terms of endurance , Wei to ES8 Also divided into 415km and 580km Two versions , It also supports fast charging and slow charging , Moreover, some domestic cities also have mobile power stations , So it will be more convenient to use .

In addition to the normal standard active braking 、360 Degree panoramic image 、 Forward and aft parking radar . Wei to ES8 It is also equipped with automatic vehicle call as standard , If there are parked vehicles on both sides of the parking space , And the driver can't get into the car , Especially on rainy days , The car owner can drive the vehicle in front of the driverless vehicle through the mobile phone device , But while using , Still need to pay attention to obstacles and pedestrians , Safety first !

Finally, let's take a look at Wei Lai ES8 The price of , At present, there are 8 models , Price range 46.80-62.40 Ten thousand yuan . In terms of sales volume , Wei to ES8 This year, 1-6 The sales volume in January is 9551 car , Year-on-year growth 258.93%, and 2020 The annual sales volume is only 11106 car , Obviously ,2021 New year is coming ES8 It is bound to achieve a higher sales level , Debut is the mainstream ! But go back to the product power on which the product itself sits , An aggressive front face , More intelligent voice interaction , Rich seat layout , Air suspension plus dual motor 4WD , It's natural to be popular in the market .

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