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Ideal car "up" success! The sales volume reached a new high in July and returned to Hong Kong stocks. Do you want to take the lead?

2021-08-26 03:54:56 Vehicle news briefing

Wei to 、 Ideal 、 Xiao Peng is called the three heroes of the new forces , whenever , Wei Lai is always regarded as “ A leader ”, After all, the listing time is early , And market value 、 Sales are in a leading position . But this year , Wei Lai seems to have started to fall behind , Not much growth in sales , On the contrary, ideal and Xiaopeng's sales are rising . And this year 7 month , The ideal car seems to be really successful “ Host ”.

The reason why the ideal car is successful , There are two main reasons , First, sales , Second, the performance of the capital market . First, sales , The ideal car depends only on the ideal ONE A car won 8823 Sales of cars , Win new power 7 The title of monthly sales champion ; With the blessing of three models, Weilai automobile , The sales volume is only 8052 car ; The total sales volume of two models of Xiaopeng automobile is 7732 car , Among them, both ideal and Xiaopeng have achieved sales breakthrough , Although the absolute value of Wei Lai is good , But the growth momentum is obviously weak .

secondly , Capital markets , The three auto enterprises have achieved different degrees of growth this year , Major institutions have raised their ratings . Xiaopeng automobile took the lead in returning to the Hong Kong stock market , The ideal car also applies to 8 month 12 Once again “ bell ” Return to Hong Kong stocks , Weilai obviously lags behind the two , Lost the first chance . On the contrary, Xiao Peng and ideal took the lead , Moreover, ideal automobile said in its prospectus that it will continue to expand production capacity in the future 、 Retail stores , And the introduction of high-power charging , It seems that the ideal car also has the ambition to enter the pure electric vehicle market .

In terms of current market performance , Ideal car's only product —— Ideal ONE It is indeed recognized by consumers . In new energy SUV Camp , Ideal ONE It's still number one , The second is BYD song PLUS New energy (8104 car ), The third is Nezha V(4580 car ), Ideal ONE Have obvious advantages , As for Wei Lai ES6、 The public ID.4 X Waiting for the bus is ideal ONE Far behind ;

And in medium and large SUV in ( Fuel vehicles ), Ideal ONE It's still number one , And the second is Lexus RX(4968 car ), The third place is Volkswagen tuang (4892 car ), Ideal ONE Have an absolute advantage .

We all know that the fewer attributives , The heavier the gold content , Ideal ONE get “ New energy SUV Pin crown ” and “ Medium large scale SUV Pin crown ”, These two achievements are worth a “ blow ”. That ideal ONE Why can it be recognized by consumers ?

I think product power is ideal ONE The foundation of recognition , And ideal ONE Before that J.D. Power About “2021 Research on charm index of China's new energy vehicle products ” The research report also won the first , This proves the ideal ONE Our product power has its own uniqueness .

And about ideals ONE Of “ charm ”, First of all, I think it is to increase the power of the program , From the practical experience , Ideal ONE Keep the electric car without setback 、 Driving advantages of timely dynamic response , At the same time, the endurance problem is solved through the intelligent power generation system , So the ideal ONE Is a “ But oil and electricity ” Of SUV, Instead of having to refuel , It needs charging again “ Industrial waste ”.2021 The ideal ONE The three in one motor and the oil tank with larger volume were replaced ,NEDC Range of 1080km, At the same time 6.5 Seconds to break the , Although acceleration is not violence , But there's plenty of motivation , And the endurance is quite strong .

secondly , Ideal ONE Another feature of is intelligence , We won't go into details about the intelligent networking system , After all, the human-computer interaction of independent brands is generally good , It's just an ideal ONE Because there is also a large screen in the front of the passenger car , More entertaining . More importantly, intelligent driving ,2021 The ideal ONE The perception system has been greatly upgraded , Including joining 800 Megapixel camera 、 newly added 4 A millimeter wave radar, etc , At the same time, it has been replaced 2 A horizon journey 3 chip , The computing power reaches 10TOPS, Its overall hardware has reached the first-class level in the industry . meanwhile ,2021 The ideal ONE Can achieve high-order ADAS Intelligent driving 、 Automatic parking , The future will also pass OTA Realization AD Assisted driving system , Realization NOA Pilot assistance .

Besides , Ideal ONE Another label is “ Daddy's car ”, This has to mention space and seats .2021 The ideal ONE Available only 6 A layout , And it increases the third row of legroom , Truly meet the long-distance travel needs of multi population families . meanwhile , Ideal ONE The second row of seats not only have electric adjustment function ,2021 This model optimizes the seat filler , At the same time, the seat massage function is added , The overall comfort has been greatly improved .

To say my personal opinion , I actually have high expectations for the ideal car , On the one hand, the ideal ONE Its own product power is good , This is the cornerstone of its sales ; On the other hand , From the ideal ONE In terms of sales since listing , It shows a steady growth trend as a whole , And this growth is accompanied by the expansion of retail centers , I believe that its future sales will have further breakthroughs .

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