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Seize the tail of summer to buy a car. Three joint venture mainstream SUVs are recommended, which are the best choice

2021-08-26 04:01:36 New car tribe

see 2021 There are only... Years left 4 More than a month , Does the hot summer make many people want to buy a car again ? Among many models , still SUV The model is popular , Now we recommend 3 Mainstream joint venture SUV, Seize the tail of summer to buy a car , One of them may be your ideal type !

Honda haoying

The guided :16.98-25.28 Ten thousand yuan

As a typical city SUV, Haoying has a conspicuous youth 、 Personalized design style , In particular, the shape of wing headlights is flexible , The high and low beam lamps are LED The light source , The lighting effect is more classy . The dazzling black tail lamp shape belongs to the design elements loved by young consumers , Add points to haoying's appearance from details .

For young consumers who pursue individuality , Haoying also launched BLACK EDITION Magic Night Series optional , Black and white appearance color matching with blackened design on details , as well as BLACK EDITION Exclusive logo , It seems to have a distinct personality .

interiors , Haoying pursues delicacy and quality just like appearance , In particular, the leather handle of its seat is quite advanced , And the wrapping and lining strength are just right , Some versions also feature seat heating , Improve the sense of driving quality to a higher level . Besides , Haoying is also equipped with kick sensing to open the tailgate , This is important for the epidemic prevention and control period , We can minimize direct hand contact , You can easily open the tailgate , It's convenient and safe .

Of course, intelligent technology configuration is essential , Haoying carrying HONDA CONNECT 2.0 Intelligent guidance interconnection system , The system is centered on navigation services , Fully support navigation 、 Car payment and other daily practical functions , It can realize real-time road condition navigation 、 Congestion avoidance guidance 、 Smart parking payment and other functions , You can also use online music at any time 、 information , Provide more convenience and fun for travel .

motivation , Haoying provides 1.5T and 2.0L Hybrid two power combinations , The maximum power of the former 193 horsepower , Maximum torque 243 cattle · rice . The latter carries the third generation i-MMD Hybrid power system , The combined maximum power is 158kW, matching E-CVT transmission , The lowest comprehensive fuel consumption per 100 kilometers of the Ministry of industry and information technology is only 4.9L. It is worth mentioning that , Haoying will also launch a plug-in hybrid version in the second half of the year , At that time, the power version will be richer .

Toyota velanda

The guided :17.18-24.18 Ten thousand yuan

Willanda comes from TNGA-K platform , Continue Toyota's family design in modeling , But it still has its own characteristics , It belongs to the design style of combining hardness and softness , In line with the modern aesthetic . Willanda's front face is more layered , The air intake grille adopts a design similar to Lexus spindle , The interior is also decorated with honeycomb elements , The visual effect has a certain sense of movement .

And willanda has a strong sense of body side lines , There is also a hardline wheel eyebrow design , Rim shape , Willanda uses a very sporty design , And a variety of rim shapes are available , The overall visual effect is quite dynamic .

interiors , Willanda's interior layout also has a strong sense of hierarchy , And the layout of each functional area is very clear . The steering wheel is wrapped in leather , Feel comfortable , The size of the central control LCD screen reaches 10.1 Inch , The built-in vehicle engine system supports satellite navigation 、 Road rescue 、 Bluetooth phone 、 Voice control and other functions , Support at the same time Carlife function , Further enrich the practical experience .

Besides , Velanda is equipped with full speed adaptive cruise control 、 Lane departure warning 、 Lane Keeping Assist 、 Active braking and other functions , Can play the role of driving assistance , There is also a reversing image 、8 Probe, parking radar, etc , Ensure the safety when using the car .

motivation , Velanda offers a wide range of power options , Including pure fuel version 、 Dual engine version and plug-in hybrid version , The pure fuel version is equipped with 2.0L The engine , Maximum power is 126kW, Peak torque is 209N·m, In terms of transmission CVT Stepless gearbox .

Toyota RAV4 Rong Fang

The guided :17.58-25.98 Ten thousand yuan

As Toyota's main compact SUV,RAV4 Rongfang has achieved excellent sales performance recently , What's more, the old rival Honda CR-V Left far behind .

aesthetic ,RAV4 Rongfang continues the new overseas version RAV4 The design of the , It is quite different from the old models , The front face is designed with a polygonal large mouth grille , With irregular headlight design 、 The concave fog lamp area is matched with the thick bumper below , The overall look has a strong off-road flavor .

interiors , Although it is still a regular layout , however RAV4 Rongfang uses a lot of straight line design , It looks more hierarchical , The suspended central control panel is the highlight of the central console , It adds a sense of science and Technology , From the overall layout and profile outline ,RAV4 Rongfang looks more hardline .

motivation ,RAV4 Rongfang also provides rich power versions , Including pure fuel version 、 Dual engine version and plug-in hybrid version , The pure fuel version is equipped with 2.0L In line four cylinder engine , On the book parameters , Its maximum power 126kW, Maximum torque 209Nm, Transmission system matching Direct Shift-CVT Stepless gearbox .

Models to summarize :

The above three recommended models are excellent in terms of technical strength and product power , Among them, haoying belongs to the most fashionable style , And willanda and RAV4 Rongfang is more hardline in style , The styles of the three models are different , What they have in common is that the power options are very rich , Especially the hybrid version , Make the fuel consumption performance more impressive , Is worth to recommend .

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