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National six can't carry the pot. FAW Volkswagen tanyue's particle catcher problems occur frequently. When will it stop

2021-08-26 04:01:49 New car tribe

Release of national emission standard 6 , It can be said that a group of car companies have been forced into a corner , Many car companies have different performances , Electrification 、 Three cylinder engines emerge one after another , The power market has also experienced a great turbulence . Deep depression " Drain valve " Volkswagen Group , It can be said that in the global market " gray ", Not only a huge fine , It also reduced the public's credibility by more than one level .

And in the near future , faw - The public is again caught up in the problem of particle traps , We have made a detailed interpretation of this problem before , however , From the collective complaint page of the automobile complaint network, you can see , The particle trap problem in tanyue has begun to spread , And it also extended a new career —— Running on behalf of high-speed service , This ironic service , All of them show the scale of the quality problem of exploring the mountains .

According to relevant media reports , Because FAW - Many Volkswagen car owners drive in urban areas for a long time , Cause insufficient fuel combustion , There is no way to satisfy " Regeneration of particle trap " Preconditions for , Cause the particle catcher to jam , Power drops and fuel consumption rises sharply . You can see it here , Volkswagen particle catcher still has ideas for the solution of emission , But based on technical issues , Led to FAW - The quality problem of mass exploration .

The emergence of the wonderful career of running on behalf of high-speed service , It comes from FAW - Particle trap solutions from Volkswagen dealers , Slam on the accelerator at high speed , Repeat for half an hour , With 800℃ Above exhaust temperature , Realize the regeneration of particle catcher , But because car owners can't or don't have time to run at high speed , therefore , Generation running high-speed service takes advantage of the trend . however , We learned from many sources , Although the fuel consumption and power of the vehicle will improve after running at high speed , However, the same situation will still occur after driving for a period of time .

We combed the relevant complaint data , The exploration of many things involved , The comprehensive fuel consumption per hundred kilometers has exceeded 20L, Compared with the previous 100 kilometers 11L Fuel consumption around , Basically doubled , meanwhile , With the failure of particle catcher , There will also be automatic start stop failure 、 A drop in power output .

obviously , So qualitative FAW - The particle catcher equipped by Volkswagen probe , There must be a lot of popular fans to complain about their grievances . According to the law of things , Release of emission regulations , The probe is equipped with a particle trap , But should this situation be borne by the national six emission regulations ?

From the perspective of tanyue configuration models , The man who explored the mountains 380TSI Version of the model , It carries EA888-DKX The engine is also not equipped with a particle trap , But it can also meet the emission requirements of country VI . obviously , The problem of particle trapper can not be thrown into the head of national six emission regulations . meanwhile , Mercedes 、 BMW 、 audi 、 Honda 、 subaru 、 Citroen 、 Many brands such as Mazda and many independent brands have also installed particle traps , There is no problem of large-scale complaints .

Conclusion : Recurring particle trap problems , It is undoubtedly a great help to prepare for the purchase of FAW - The consumer group of mass products is a blow , According to the sales data released by the passenger Union , faw - The public from 4 Sales began to decline year-on-year in January , It seems that the problem with the particle trap , No doubt let FAW - Volkswagen has stumbled in the domestic market .

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