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Enjoy high-quality travel within 200000. How to choose the tenth generation Sonata biaccord?

2021-08-26 04:02:01 New car tribe

For those who pursue comfort and value the sense of grade , Choose one B Class cars are most suitable for , Can enjoy more spacious space 、 More comfortable driving , And the configuration and grade are higher ,20 Ten thousand level budget can be selected B There are many class cars , But if you are more demanding about your appearance , Then the tenth generation Sonata and accord should not be missed .

As for which of these two suits you better , We choose the tenth generation Sonata 2020 Payment to payment 380TGDi Automatically GS Zhixiang version , And the elegant Pavilion 2018 paragraph 230TURBO Comfort comparison , The official selling prices are 18.38 Ten thousand yuan and 17.98 Ten thousand yuan , Through some comparison, we can see whose comprehensive product strength is better .

Each beauty has its own bright spot , The tenth generation Sonata has more space

stay B Class car market , The appearance of the tenth generation Sonata and accord are excellent enough , The tenth generation Sonata has experienced a generation change , Adopt the latest design language of the family , The front face is equipped with eye-catching air inlet grille and hidden gradient LED Day light , The unique lighting effect is rare in other models .

The side design of the tenth generation Sonata is also very bold , The sharp waistline creates a changeable profile effect , The tail is still not low-key , Pair it with a prominent duckling tail C Through taillights , And double chrome plated exhaust layout at the bottom , More dynamic in visual effect .

Accord is also highly praised in terms of modeling design , Exquisite front face with side sliding back shape , It looks more sporty and fashionable , It belongs to the style that young consumers will like . I have to say that in terms of appearance , Whether the tenth generation sonata or accord is very eye-catching .

What's more, they are more spacious in body size , by comparison , The wheelbase of the tenth generation Sonata reaches 2890mm, In the same level, they all belong to the leading level , The accord wheelbase is 2830mm, Slightly inferior to the tenth generation Sonata , The wheelbase difference between the two vehicles is 60mm, Therefore, the tenth generation Sonata is more comfortable in space , Cooperate with the power sunroof equipped on the roof , Whether driving or with family 、 Go with friends , I believe it is a very pleasant experience .

The 10th generation Sonata has more complete intelligent configuration , Full of happiness

With the rapid development of intelligence , If a car doesn't have intelligent configuration, it's close to the body , It does look a little shabby , Especially higher grade B Levels of car , In terms of intelligent configuration, we naturally pay more attention to . Combined with the two versions we have chosen , Although their prices are different 4000 element , However, the gap in configuration is more than that .

The interior style of the 10th generation Sonata is simple and direct , Design of connection between full LCD instrument and large central control screen , It belongs to the most fashionable style nowadays , All screen sizes are 12.3 Inch , Directly improve the scientific and technological atmosphere of the interior . With the help of the built-in vehicle engine system of the central control large screen , Users can enjoy navigation 、 speech recognition 、 Internet of vehicles and other functions , Also can pass the Carlife Implement mobile phone mapping , Basically, the popular intelligent operation , The tenth generation Sonata is available .

On this basis , The tenth generation Sonata also supports the car home interconnection function , That is, on the way to work , You can remotely turn on the air purifier in your home 、 The light , Home is a fresh and warm atmosphere , And before going out to work , The tenth generation Sonata can be remotely controlled with the help of a small speaker , Turn on the interior air conditioner in advance , It is the most comfortable atmosphere to enter the car in cold and hot seasons , Happiness at work arises spontaneously .

So for the pursuit of quality of life 、 Happy consumers , Naturally, intelligent configuration is very important when selecting a car , However, accord is not as awesome as this tenth generation sonata , The interior style of accord is quite regular , There is no big double screen , Obviously, the interior of accord does not belong to the type of main technology style .

In terms of intelligent functions , This version of accord has no navigation 、 Voice control and other mainstream functions , Although some versions of accord support HONDA CONNECT System , But the price is 20 All the above , Suitable for consumers with more abundant budgets , So if the expectation of intelligent technology is higher , that 20 Wannei must be the tenth generation Sonata, which is more worth choosing .

The 10th generation Sonata driving assistance is comprehensive , It's more comfortable to go out

With the help of intelligent technology, it can not only provide convenience for travel , It can also ensure all-round travel safety , The tenth generation Sonata carries Hyundai SmartSense Intelligent and heart in one safety system , Integrated navigation based intelligent cruise control 、 Highway driving AIDS 、 Blind area anti-collision assistance, etc , It can monitor the driving state of the vehicle from multiple angles , And road changes 、 Surrounding vehicles, etc , Make sure the vehicle runs smoothly in the middle of the road , When there is a possibility of collision with other vehicles , The system can also warn the driver in time , This is for inexperienced novice drivers , It must be an indispensable safety guarantee for travel .

by comparison , Although accord with similar price also has certain driving assistance configuration blessing , But the lack of lane departure warning 、 Lane Keeping Assist 、 Fatigue driving tips and other functions , either 360 Degree panoramic image 、 Configuration for solving blind area interference such as vehicle side blind area image , Therefore, novice drivers will inevitably feel a little flustered , And these are the configurations equipped with the tenth generation Sonata , Therefore, appropriate driving assistance configuration is indispensable , Of course, the higher configuration version of accord also has a comprehensive driving assistance configuration blessing , But the premise is that the budget is sufficient .

conclusion :

A comparison is not difficult to see , The intelligent configuration of the tenth generation Sonata is more comprehensive , Whether it is to improve travel convenience or safety , These intelligent configurations are indispensable , And excellent space and outstanding appearance are bonus items , What's more, the tenth generation Sonata is also equipped with 2.0T The engine , There is a Biya Pavilion 1.5T More dynamic performance , So there was no disappointment in handling , If the budget 20 Wannei hopes to enjoy a higher quality travel experience , Then the tenth generation Sonata must be the first choice .

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