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Great Wall Motor acquires malapolis factory in irase, Brazil

2021-08-26 04:02:02 New car tribe

2021 year 8 month 18 Japan , Sao Paulo, Brazil , Great Wall Motor Co., Ltd ( hereinafter referred to as “ Great Wall motor ”) And Mercedes - Mercedes Benz Co., Ltd. officially signed an agreement on the acquisition of the malapolis factory in irase, Brazil .

Signing site in Baoding, China

According to the asset acquisition agreement signed by both parties , Including land 、 Workshop 、 The Brazilian irase mapolis factory, including machinery and equipment, will be handed over to Great Wall Motors . This transaction is a pure asset transaction , Personnel transfer is not involved .

Signing site in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Meng Xiangjun, the rotating president of Great Wall Motors, said , This transaction will accelerate the development and strategic implementation of Great Wall Motors in the South American market , Further promote the transformation of Great Wall Motors into a global technology travel company .

Liu Xiangshang, vice president of Great Wall Motors, also said ,“ Brazil is the largest country in Latin America 、 The most populous country , The economic strength ranks first in South America , Car sales rank seventh in the world , The automobile consumption market has great potential . We regard Brazil as an important overseas strategic market , It is committed to studying local consumer preferences and the development and changes of the automobile market , Great Wall Motor's investment , It will bring intelligence to local users 、 Security 、 High end travel experience . It will also create more direct or indirect jobs for the local people , Pull the local support 、 R & D and related industry development , Promote further transformation and upgrading of local industrial structure , Contribute more profits and taxes to the Brazilian government .”

After Great Wall Motor acquired the malapolis factory in ilace, Brazil , We will introduce advanced production equipment in accordance with the global manufacturing standards of Great Wall Motors 、 Quality management and environmental protection 、 Information management concept , Build the factory into one of the global intelligent production bases of Great Wall Motors , To cover the domestic market of Brazil and other countries in South America .

Factory closing is expected to take place on 2021 Finish by the end of the year , The annual production capacity of the factory after transformation will reach 10 Thousands of cars , Create near for the local 2000 Jobs .

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