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Choose a car with a budget of 200000? This SUV without short board is more suitable for you

2021-08-26 04:02:07 New car tribe

With more and more new cars on the market in the second half of the year , Review the new cars on the market so far this year , There are many bright spots , As the main promotion of Beijing Hyundai this year SUV models , The fifth generation Tucson L This year is a new model , And this replacement action is quite thorough , Combined with its price ,16.18-20.18 The selling price range of 10000 yuan , Fit budget 20 Ten thousand consumers choose , So the fifth generation Tucson L What is the strength ?

Bold and innovative design , Selfie kills cars at the same level

How does a model show its replacement action ? It is essential to adopt a new design style , And the fifth generation Tucson L The design language is obviously bolder and sharper than ever , Adopted by the “Sensuous Sportiness ( Sensual movement )” Design concept , It is the latest design language pushed by Beijing Hyundai , The shape of the front air inlet grille is very unique , Parametric diamond shape is integrated into the interior , More changeable in visual effect .

The headlights on both sides of the grille are also not simple , The lamp group is naturally connected with the air inlet grille in shape , When lit, you will find , The interior of the grille is also integrated with a hidden LED Day light , It belongs to highly recognizable design details , Fit the symmetrical lines on the engine cover , And the sporty lower surround design , The whole front face looks quite personalized , In terms of design sense, it is more creative than many models of the same level .

While the side keeps moving posture , With the help of parametric cutting waist line and personalized wheel eyebrow design , Highlight the fifth generation Tucson L Athletic style , The visual effect is also very domineering . What is essential at the rear of the car is the popular through tail lamp group , On both sides “ Hawk claw ” Design adds more recognition . In terms of beauty , The fifth generation Tucson L a 360° No dead Angle , Not just in cities SUV Exquisite style , But in a bolder and sharper style , I believe it is also very attractive to young consumers .

The interior layout is full of new ideas , The atmosphere of science and technology is full

Compared with the sharp style in appearance , The fifth generation Tucson L The interior layout is quite simple and atmospheric , The waterfall embracing cockpit is designed with a full three-dimensional feeling ,10.4 The large vertical screen is hung in the center of the center console like a waterfall , The central console line extends to the encircling method at the door panels on both sides , It also makes the driver enjoy more sense of belonging , Improve the user's travel experience from the humanization level .

In detail , The design of concealed air conditioner outlet is very ingenious ,64 The integration of color atmosphere lights makes the interior atmosphere more changeable , It can create a more unique driving atmosphere , Sitting in the car is a kind of enjoyment . The full LCD instrument adopts open design , More bright and open in visual effect , The trend of mobile phone wireless charging is essential , It can save the complexity of charging lines for the front row , Cooperate with key shift mechanism , The front row space is more tidy and refreshing .

Thanks to the 2755mm Long wheelbase , The fifth generation Tucson L The interior space of the car is more spacious , Especially for the rear legroom has a qualitative improvement , Passengers can cross their legs at will in the back , Relax and enjoy the fun of travel , The back space is also friendly to tall passengers , The legs will not be too restrained , It's a good time to carry your family 、 Friends, for outgoing users , Nature is a bonus .

The roof is equipped with a large panoramic sunroof , It will effectively improve the daylighting effect of the front and rear rows , In particular, the rear space will be more bright and open , This is an experience that domestic consumers like very much , Sitting in the back doesn't feel depressed , The mood is naturally better . Cooperate with the fifth generation Tucson L Equipped with intelligent air purification 、 Functions such as internal circulation of intelligent air conditioner , Will effectively filter pollutants in the air , Improve the air quality in the car , Intelligently prevent bad air from entering the vehicle , Always maintain a natural and fresh air atmosphere in the car , Help to improve travel quality and health .

The fifth generation Tucson L My intimate consideration is more than that , Thanks to Baidu 3.0 Intelligent networking platform , Users can experience more intelligent voice interaction , One sentence from the user “ The air is too bad ”, The fifth generation Tucson L You can intelligently turn on the air purification system , Integrate more voice interaction functions into the scene experience . With the help of car home mutual control function , The user can remotely operate the intelligent switch in the vehicle 、 Sweeping robots and other equipment , Truly realize the remote interconnection between home and car , The engine can also be started remotely before departure 、 Air conditioner , Provide many conveniences for car life .

The power system is efficient ,23 This driving aid ensures travel

And the fifth generation Tucson L The complete replacement of , It's not just about styling 、 Configuration upgrade , Even power is used Hyundai Smartstream New generation powertrain , Full system carrying 1.5T High power engine , Maximum power accessible 200 horsepower , Peak torque is 253 Cattle meters , Because this engine is the first in the world CVVD technology , It can maximize the power potential of the engine , Cooperate with the fifth generation Tucson L The adopted lightweight body structure , Further reduce its fuel consumption performance , To achieve both high performance and low fuel consumption .

In order to improve the travel safety experience , The fifth generation Tucson L It also carries Hyundai SmartSense Intelligent and heart in one safety system , Integrate 23 Driving AIDS , Such as HDA Highway driving AIDS 、NSCC Navigation based intelligent cruise control 、SVM 360° Panoramic image, etc , Clear the blind area of vision for the driver , It can also provide more convenience for travel , Ensure the safety of every trip in an all-round way .

At the end :

As a replacement model , The fifth generation Tucson L The upgrade is quite comprehensive , Now it seems that it is in appearance 、 To configure 、 There is no short board in power , And the price is considerable , It is a mainstream joint venture worthy of first choice SUV. For the budget in 20 For 10000 consumers , The fifth generation Tucson L Nature is the most appropriate choice .

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