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Zhenneng pure electric SUV 2021 geometric C sells for 129800-182800 yuan after listing subsidy

2021-08-26 04:02:10 New car tribe

8 month 17 Japan , Geely Automobile Group's medium and high-end pure electric brand geometric automobile held a meeting with tmall “C+ upgrade Strength multiplies ” 2021 Paragraph geometry C Online press conference . Ye Qin, executive deputy general manager of geometry automobile sales company, attended the event , Gold medalist of women's epee in Tokyo Olympic Games 、 Sun Yiwen, tmall's good car recommender 、 Wu Pei, a professional car critic, and a number of geometric car users also helped , Witness together 2021 Paragraph geometry C list : New car launches NEDC400km、NEDC550km The two endurance versions are 5 models , The price after comprehensive subsidy is 12.98-18.28 Ten thousand yuan .

As a geometric car in 2020 , launched in “ Can really run pure electricity SUV”, The geometric C With high appearance 、 The product strength of true endurance has been highly recognized by the market . This time, the new 2021 Paragraph geometry C, Continue to focus on user needs , In the endurance that users pay attention to 、 The quality of 、 Integration of multiple needs in intelligence and other aspects , Equipped with industry-leading supercomputing power AI Dynamic computing system 、RPA Magic mode 、 Car gauge level CN95 Protection and other configurations . meanwhile , Geometry car also provides users with “3+1” Car purchase benefits , contain C+ Happy loan gift 、C+ Renewal ceremony 、C+ See you 、C+ The four good gifts of Changxing , Committed to bringing more pure to users 、 More upgraded car experience , Let more users experience a beautiful pure electric life .

Built for users “ True strength ” Pure electric vehicle ,2021 Paragraph geometry C Comprehensive upgrading

2021 Paragraph geometry C Equipped with industry-leading SEM Intelligent energy management system , It can open up the three electricity technology channel , From energy storage 、 Energy saving 、 Back to 、 Control energy 、 There are five dimensions of ascension , Achieve ultra-low energy consumption 、 High precision energy control and efficient energy recovery function . meanwhile ,SEM Intelligent energy management system has super computing power AI Dynamic computing power , According to the real-time status of the cell 、 Users' driving habits dynamically adjust output power and torque , Automatically correct the remaining power forecast , The apparent endurance is almost the same as the actual endurance .2021 Paragraph geometry C The active intelligent temperature control management system is also upgraded , Through active monitoring 、 Active alarm 、 Actively adjust the three functions to ensure the health and stability of the battery , Improve security .

It is worth mentioning that , The geometric C Once at the car house 、 Electric bond 、 Volkswagen won the championship four times in the endurance challenge . This time, the new 2021 Paragraph geometry C, The endurance strength is fully “ Additive multiplication ” after , It will further release the travel endurance demand of pure electric users , Make the user experience more pure “ It's a real endurance ” Pure electric life .

Intelligent experience ,2021 Paragraph geometry C With a new generation GKUIEV Vehicle interconnection system , Not only has the interface been comprehensively upgraded , Increase daytime 、 Night mode , At the same time, it also adds listening partners 3.3、 Enjoy listening to 、QQ music 、 KuWo music and other music APP, Make the user more comfortable during driving 、 More interesting entertainment experience .RPA The magical mode enables users to activate not only in the vehicle but also through the vehicle machine system “ By second ” old hand , You can also turn off the engine , By mobile phone APP One click to park the vehicle in or out automatically , And RPA The magic pattern recognizes vertical parking 、 Side parking, etc , Avoid the situation that you can't get on and off after a small parking space .

In the post epidemic era , In order to create a safe and healthy cockpit environment for users ,2021 Paragraph geometry C Equipped with vehicle specification class CN95 High efficiency composite filter element , The effective protection rate for COVID-19 droplets is as high as 98%, It's like wearing a “ Big mask ”. Built in AQS Air Ecological Filtration System 、PM2.5 Filtration system and ION Anion purifier , It can monitor the content of particulate matter and air quality in the vehicle in real time , Only 3 The cabin environment can be fully purified in minutes .

meanwhile ,2021 Paragraph geometry C Also added sports 、 Parents and children 、 Wake up and other four intelligent scenarios , It can meet most scenarios of users' daily car use . Cooperate with the enthusiast level trained for the cockpit environment BOSE sound , And a color that can automatically change with the rhythm of music 72 Color intelligent rhythmic atmosphere lamp , And more fashionable, complement each other with black chrome interior trim 、 More luxurious honey milk coffee interior , Allows users to visually 、 It has an extremely comfortable cockpit experience in terms of hearing .

Truth finding manifesto : Build a car carefully 、 Sincere service 、 Sincerely accompany , Be the user's true friend !

In addition to the optimization and upgrading of the product side , At the press conference, ye Qin, executive deputy general manager of geometry automobile sales company, also released “ Truth finding manifesto ”, It is emphasized that geometric vehicles will continue to start from the actual needs of users in the future , Create a pure electric model that meets the needs of users . At the same time, in terms of user service and channel construction , Geometric cars will also be fully “ Additive multiplication ”, Make friends with users “ A true friend ”.

This year, , Geometric car has opened a user-centered “ Enterprise change ”. First , Geometric cars focus on this year TOP20 Capacity city , Through a benchmarking standard user center and multiple geometric centers e From a supermarket “1+N” Mode reduces user service radius . meanwhile , Geometric cars will also be set up in key markets in cities “ City Operations Manager ” The first responsible person system , Form a golden partner with user experience manager and service manager , With “ The housekeeper ” The identity interacts directly with the user , Improve the user's experience of car purchase and other quality services .

meanwhile , Geometric cars also rely on digital platforms , Launch Q & A for community riders 、 Interactive communication section , Shape the geometric Creator 、 Geometry traveler 、 Geometry knowledge officer, etc , make “ Rely on the user's own interactive mutual assistance platform ”, Shorten the distance between the brand and users . And let users deeply participate in product improvement 、 Future product development , Implement user co creation , It really brings value innovation to users .

As ye Qin, executive deputy general manager of geometry Automobile Sales Co., Ltd., said :“ A true friend is a good friend !” Since the launch of the brand , Geometry car has always been focused 、 pure 、 Minimalist brand concept , Eliminate the of pure electric travel for users “ Anxiety ”. In terms of channels and services , Geometric cars also continue to be multi-dimensional 、 Multi level optimization and upgrading , Committed to building a zero kilometer service circle for users , Realize user and brand “ Zero distance ”, Let users really feel the brand care .

As a pure electric brand of humanistic Technology , Geometric car not only continues to bring endurance and ride to users at the product end 、 Intelligent multiplication 、 Experience the high-quality pure electric travel experience of plus ride , Also through “ have a genuine and sincere desire ” Service for , Constantly shorten the distance between the brand and users , To be a user “ A true friend ”. This time, the new 2021 Paragraph geometry C, Upgrade through real product power , Will become 10-20 One of the best choices in the 10000 class pure electricity market .

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