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Tanabata special broadcast, Lingke 06's "new color number" and "new mileage" were exposed

2021-08-26 04:11:45 New car tribe

Tanabata has just passed , Whether the girls have received their favorite lipstick ? Did the boys find out between the color numbers “ fine ” The difference of ? indeed , Color is the most intuitive carrier for us to express our attitude and personality . In recent days, , We have learned from relevant channels that , Led the g 06 Also launched their own “ New color number ”, The pink body and purple trim strip are very eye-catching . Tanabata day , Led the g 06 The family also welcomed another “ blue ” friend —— Led the g 06 PHEV The model has also been upgraded , Pure electric range increased to 84 km . Whether you pay more attention to color or hard core technology when choosing a car , Believe in link 06 This wave of Tanabata Festival is specially released by the family , Can capture the heartbeat signal .

( Led the g 06 Chinese Valentine's Day special release )

Insight into user needs , Led the g 06 Deep tillage “ Her economy ”

Link as a user brand , Taking users as the center is the code of conduct that Lingke always adheres to . Led the g 06 The launch of the pink model , It is the result of link's insight into users . Led the g 06 Since last year 9 Since its launch in June , In less than a year , Outsmart peers with black technology , More than 5 The favor of 10000 users , What's more, it's worth mentioning , Women account for more than 45%. thus it can be seen , The new color of pink is link 06 Rapid response to users' potential demands , And very forward-looking .

For color or model designation , Lingke has not released official information yet , But from the visual effect , Led the g 06 Bold use of pink and purple contrast , Designers use a softer brush , take “ powder ”、“ purple ” These two high saturation colors are harmonious and unified , Tenderness goes hand in hand with strength , After the color is exposed , It has attracted the speculation and expectation of many users and netizens on various platforms .

( Led the g 06 Pink Special Edition )

In terms of appearance details , We can also see the designer's insight into women's aesthetics and the clever thinking of color application , Purple pick dye trim at the top , Just one stroke can stabilize the visual center of gravity , More prominent link 06 Family style suspended roof ,“ Wild berry purple ” The contrast wheel hub is cute , It's definitely the eye-catching visual focus .

( Led the g 06“ Wild berry purple ” Pick dye trim )

Just like contemporary women's attitude of combining softness and strength , Led the g 06 The pink model also shows “ Powder has power ” Design attitude . at present , Lingke officials have not announced the interior design details of this car yet , We have reason to believe that , Led the g 06 Will bring us more surprises , Whether girls or boys , This car will attract the attention of consumers .

Pure electric range increased to 84 km , Led the g 06 PHEV Usher in the hard core upgrade

Recently, I learned from the website of the Ministry of industry and information technology , Led the g 06 PHEV The pure electric range of the model will be increased to 84 km , This upgrade will further reduce users' mileage anxiety . At the same time, according to relevant statistics , China's mega cities ( To the north, to the wide, to the deep ) The average commute distance is about 9.25 km ,84 Kilometers of pure electric mileage can meet the demand for zero carbon travel for nearly a week .

( Led the g 06 PHEV And linker 06 Pink Special Edition )

at present , Plug in hybrid power and oil electric hybrid power technology are important strategic fulcrum for the development of new energy technology of Lingke automobile , Lingke took the lead in innovation and created CO PHEV Family philosophy , As a leader 、 Family strategy development PHEV Blue ocean market . at present , Lingke automobile has realized the of all models “PHEV” turn , This time, link 06 PHEV Substantial increase in pure electric range , It also reflects the determination and action of shaping new energy quality life for users .

From last year 9 Since its launch in June ,“ Starting is luxury ” The linker of 06 Outsmart peers with black technology , With “13 Wanman level divine costume SUV” Updated compact SUV Model for segment models . The launch and of the new pink model PHEV A substantial increase in the pure electric range of the model , From the two key perspectives of perceptual design and rational technology , Got promoted again . Follow up information on these two models , We will also continue to look forward to and pay attention to .

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