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Choose a luxury SUV within 200000. This car is equipped with gold power and four screen linkage. It needs fire!

2021-08-26 04:11:50 New car tribe

For many consumers , hand 20 The joint venture may be given priority when the budget is 10000 SUV, If this budget wants to buy five luxury seats SUV, It seems almost interesting . And the more auspicious the star L The listing of , It just fills the gap of this model , Make consumers 13.72-18.52 Ten thousand yuan , You can enjoy the travel experience of high-grade big five seats . From style 、 Space to configuration 、 technology , The more stars L Are completely benchmarked SUV models , It belongs to the choice of high-grade and technical level in this budget .

A powerful aura can crush your opponent , Leapfrog space wins the competition of the same level

As the latest product of Geely Automobile SUV models , The more stars L The overall shape of gives people a feeling of elegance and atmosphere , The appearance has a strong classical temperament , The longitudinal air inlet grille on the front face is matched with Geely black label , It belongs to a very distinctive Geely family style , Both sides LED The internal structure of matrix headlights is not simple , Quite and " Lamp factory " Audi has a higher potential . The protruding lines on the engine cover and the complex design of the lower cover , Then effectively highlight the star L The powerful aura of the front face . It seems that this style and atmosphere model has not compromised towards the sense of movement , It gives people a momentum of not being angry and self threatening .

As for the side shape, the first impression is often slender 、 The atmosphere , This is due to Xingyue L Body size ,4770/1895/1689mm Length, width and height dimensions , Beat Honda CR-V、 Toyota RAV4 Compact joint venture partners such as Rongfang , Even higher-level public Tiguan L Nor is it its opponent . Thanks to the body size far better than that of its peers , The more stars L The side shape is more slender , With the sharp waist line running through the side , Make the side full of momentum, but don't look boring , It's enough to crush your opponent in the gas field .

And the more stars L Long 2845mm The wheelbase is superior to its peers , Even the models of the same class can't match it , Although the official will star more L Positioning as compact SUV, But its body size has already jumped to a higher level , The more stars L You can imagine the spatial expression of .

At present, Xingyue L The whole system adopts a five seat layout , Therefore, it belongs to the real big five SUV, Each row of space is extremely generous , Fully cater to consumers for large space 、 The pursuit of high comfort , Provide higher level driving and travel experience , This is a joint venture at the same level SUV All the enjoyment that can't be provided , The sense of class is self-evident .

The four screen linkage effect is shocking , The configuration is worthy of luxury grade

And the more stars L This kind of luxury class is ahead of its peers , Through the interior, it is displayed incisively and vividly , I believe that the first time I entered Xingyue L Friends in the car , Will be in front of you 1 m IMAX The big screen is deeply shocked . This large screen covers the central control screen and the front passenger's exclusive screen , Cooperate with full LCD instrument , Fully take care of the travel needs of the front row drivers and passengers , Another size is up to 25.6 " AR-HUD Looked up and show , The four screen linkage effect realized by mutual cooperation is very eye-catching .

Compared with the joint venture models of the same level, they still stay in the double screen stage , Not only is the screen size far less than the star L Rice screen shock , And in the short term, it will not take into account the scientific and technological needs of the co driver and passenger , Obviously, the more stars L For humanization 、 Intelligent consideration is more comprehensive , That's what a truly luxury car will do .

Of course, as a sincere work of luxury , The more stars L The configuration of leading peers can be more than that , Its consideration of travel safety even subverts your imagination . Relying on the surrounding of the whole car 24 A sensing element , The more stars L Offer up to 26 Safe driving assistance , Such as sweeping the driving blind spot in all directions 540° Transparent chassis , Novice drivers can make up for their inexperience , Old drivers can also fully enjoy the fun of driving .

And there is no lack of wonderful music on the way , The more stars L On board 10 The speaker BOSE High end customized professional audio , Will provide professional sound around each row , This is in the joint venture models of the same level , Even the top version will not appear , The more stars L Half the versions are equipped with this configuration , It will be luxurious SUV The due grade should be implemented .

Such a model without short board , At present, it seems that it is far ahead of its rivals , The more stars L And support FOTA upgrade , Not just limited to the past OTA upgrade , It's about power 、 chassis 、ADAS And other fields , Therefore, the scope of upgrading is wider 、 More diversified functions . For consumers , Now I really bought a luxury SUV, And long-term use is often used and new , In terms of functionality, it will only be more luxurious 、 advanced , The more stars L It can often surprise users , I'm afraid the opponent can't catch up with it even if it accelerates its upgrading .

Volvo's same gold power blessing ,7.7 Speed up to 100 seconds

For other models , Be able to make your appearance 、 The space and configuration are ahead of their peers , Considering the cost of making cars , There may be a compromise on dynamic performance , And the more stars L Just want to pursue perfection . at present , The more stars L Full system carrying Drive-E series 2.0TD The engine , Based on Volvo luxury powertrain , Match the love 8AT transmission , Give Xingyue L More powerful power output ,7.7 The high-performance performance performance of breaking 100 in seconds , It's easy to surpass the joint venture rivals at the same level .

Even Xingyue L Bigger size , The smaller competitor still doesn't run as fast as it 、 Not as powerful as it , It can be said that in terms of power , The more stars L Its real rival is BMW, a luxury brand that is good at handling , For other joint venture competitors, it is just a dimensionality reduction blow . The biggest beneficiaries of this approach , In fact, it is the consumers themselves , In the mainstream SUV Enjoy luxury at a high price SUV Power 、 Manipulation , Why not do it ?

At the end :

although 20 Ten thousand mainstream SUV Not in the minority , But few models can compete with Xingyue L Comparable , Whether it's the size of a perfect peer 、 Space , Unique configuration level at the same level , Or the golden power of real luxury , All completely benchmarked luxury models . It can be said that Xingyue L The starting point is very high , But the price is still close to the people , Behind it is still Geely's sincerity for many years , Such a car really needs fire !

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