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The real range is more than 520km, and it takes only 1 hour to fill it. You will lose a lot if you don't know the five advantages

2021-08-26 04:17:32 Oriental Information automobile

han EV It has been on the market for a long time , I believe many people are familiar with this car , But many people's biggest concern when buying electric vehicles is the mileage and battery problem , Today I'd like to share my experience this year 4 Han mentioned in January EV High performance 4WD flagship for everyone to share , What's not good , I hope you can give me some advice .

As for the endurance problem we are most concerned about , My car is a high-performance 4WD flagship , Official rated range 550km, But when I actually use the car, I can't drive the official range , Daily commute to and from the city , Turn on the air conditioner normally , Listen to music or something , Turn on ECO In the case of mode , The range is about 520 km , Even a little more , If it's normal mode , The range is about 500 km . Sports mode has not been used in urban areas , No chance to use , How many traffic jams are there in Shenzhen , I'm sure you all know that . The high-speed range is a little less , Turn on ACC Adaptive cruise control 100Km/h At the speed of , The range is about 460km about , If the speed is 110km/h, The range is about 440 about , This is a ECO In the mode of , The range in normal mode will be lower , In sport mode , I haven't tried how many miles , But acceleration is really awesome , Press the accelerator pedal gently , Other cars only have to eat dust .

han EV High performance 4WD flagship , The official range is 550km, My Downtown ECO In mode, the range is only 520km about , In this way, the battery has no virtual mark , It's Han EV One of the great advantages of .

The second advantage is large space , Very suitable for home use , With the front row adjusted , height 180cm People who sit in the back can also cross their legs .

Third advantage : The configuration is very high , It has every conceivable configuration , Whether it's a practical configuration , Or security configuration , The configuration is complete , In especial NFC The key , A touch of the mobile phone , It unlocks , It's cool .

The fourth advantage : Good comfort , There was a time , There are always car critics who say Han EV How's your chassis , But our family car , What the chassis wants is comfort , Even with a racing chassis , If the family is uncomfortable sitting up , What's the use of coming ? Is a hard chassis good ? Different vehicle environments , Use different suspension , I think Han EV The chassis is very good , And the seats in the car are also very soft , Further improve the ride comfort .

The fifth advantage , Charging speed is fast , Charging pile for general fast charging , Some power is different , High and low , So the output is different when charging , Good charging pile , To Han EV It takes about... To fully charge 1 An hour is full of , General fast charging is about 70 Minutes can also be filled with , Very convenient and fast , And in Shenzhen , New energy vehicles charge in some parking spaces with charging piles , Free parking for the first two hours .

summary : While we were driving , Because of driving habits 、 Car environment 、 Different driving times , The resulting range is also different , But people who drive more gently , The range will not be too small .

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