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Arizer 5 Pro runs well. Working families can afford it. What suits them is the best

2021-08-26 04:25:30 Hong Tao said car

Cars come into life , Choose the car that suits you best .

hello , Hello everyone , I'm Hongtao. I said the car .

Chery insists on positive research and development , The independent innovation , It has certain advantages in the field of engine , With the improvement of car making technology , The products are more and more recognized by the majority of consumers , There is such a family sedan that is very close to the people , Rated by most car owners as : Good, not expensive ! It's arizer 5, Let's talk about it today 2021 Arizer 5 PRO Youth version , See if it's the car you want .

2021 Arizer 5 PRO Youth version , The guide price for manual transmission models is 5.99 Ten thousand yuan , The guiding price of automatic transmission models is 6.99 Ten thousand yuan , at present 4S In the store 7000-12000 Offers ranging from Yuan ( Different regions , The preferential intensity is different , shijiazhuang 、 Baoding and Wuhu are most awesome ), The actual transaction price can be accepted by most people , Because working families can afford , As long as you work hard ,1-3 It's not difficult to realize the car dream within a year .

aesthetic , Ariza 5 PRO The Youth Edition is not so beautiful , But it's still pretty ,2021 The front of this car adopts dot matrix air inlet grille , Adds a sense of refinement , The headlights on both sides extend backward , Equipped with lens , Although ordinary halogen light sources are used , But as far as I'm concerned 4S In store understanding , The manufacturer has a free replacement for LED Headlamp policy , In addition, the lower part is equipped with LED Daytime running light .

The length, width and height of the whole vehicle are respectively 4572*1825*1482mm, The wheelbase is 2670mm, It can be seen from the data , Ariza 5 PRO The width of the youth version is quite prominent , It ensures a good lateral space in the car , And it's more stable at high speed , The body adopts a rising double waist line , Create a low front and high rear movement posture , But from a certain point of view, it will be slightly uncoordinated , The main reason is that the rear of the car is a little too high .

In space , Ariza 5 PRO Youth version has certain advantages in cars with the same price , The back row is full of 3 An adult doesn't feel crowded , And the head and leg space are good , The seat filler is quite sufficient , The cushion is long , It can support the body and legs well , In addition, the volume of the trunk is large enough , Just pack your daily luggage , The rear seats also support overall reclining .

The interior is simple , The upper part of the center console and the door position are covered with soft material and leather , It feels OK ,2021 This is a flat bottom sports multi-function steering wheel , Although the size is slightly larger , It feels comfortable to hold , The air conditioning control area is a touch screen , But blind operation is a little inconvenient .

configuration ,2021 Arizer 5 PRO The youth version is equipped with the main and co driver's seat airbags 、 Tire pressure display 、ESP Body stabilization system 、 Reversing radar 、 Cruise control 、 Hill auxiliary 、 Imitation leather seat, etc , quite a lot 4S The store can install it for free 9 Inch center control screen , And you can also get reversing images and dash cam , It depends on your bargaining skills .

A meal operation as fierce as a tiger , Its engine displacement is only 1.5L, ha-ha , Maximum horsepower is 116 horse , The maximum torque is 143 cattle · rice , Actually, it's a little weak when driving , But it doesn't feel very meat , The output is smooth and linear , After overtaking again, the speed will rise a little slowly , It can meet the needs of the family, no problem at all , Matching 5 The shift stroke of the manual transmission is slightly longer ,2 Block up 3 It is a little astringent when shifting gears and reversing gears , I get used to it after a long time .

The automatic transmission model is matched with the simulation 7 In the way CVT transmission , The cooperation with the engine is quite tacit , The measured average fuel consumption per 100 km is 6.8-10L Between , Not particularly fuel-efficient , But it's also acceptable , The chassis is front McPherson 、 Rear torsion beam type independent suspension , The adjustment has a solid and steady sense , The suspension is too hard , Although improved control , You can pass through speed bumps and potholes , The rear passengers will feel bumpy , The speed exceeds 90 after , The tire noise is too loud .

in general , Chery arizer 5 PRO Although there are some unsatisfactory places , But I would still recommend it , Because working families can afford , Can afford to , It's not that only those luxury brand models are called good cars , In my opinion, as long as you buy it by yourself , And what suits you is the best .

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