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Geely Dihao s starts from 84900 yuan and has a good appearance. It is equipped with 1.4T engine. 6532 vehicles were sold in July

2021-08-26 04:25:34 Hong Tao said car

Cars come into life , Choose the car that suits you best .

hello , Hello everyone , I'm Hongtao. I said the car .

Geely emgrand GS It is a cross-border style we are very familiar with SUV, Achieved good sales results , However, no matter how good the product is, it is easy to produce aesthetic fatigue for a long time , In order to further enhance the competitiveness of products , Geely pushed out the Emperor GS Upgraded models of , Named Emperor S, stay 7 Sold in January 6532 car , Although there is no explosion , But it's already selling very well , Some netizens said they would consider it when choosing a car , Now let's talk about Imperial S How are you doing in all aspects ? It's not worth buying as a household substitute ?

Geely emgrand S, Price range: 8.49-10.89 Ten thousand yuan , at present 4S In the store 2000 A small discount of about yuan ( Different regions , The preferential intensity is different ), In domestic compact SUV The neutral price ratio is not particularly high , But it's also acceptable , After all, many working families can afford .

emgrand S Continued the Imperial GS Body contour , But it has been adjusted and optimized for the details , You don't have to say , It can really bring you a certain freshness , The front face straight waterfall grille is simple and exquisite , The headlights on both sides use LED The light source , After lighting, the effect is very good , The three-stage surrounding at the bottom is also good enough to look .

The length, width and height of the whole vehicle are respectively 4430*1833*1573mm, Wheelbase reached 2700mm, The short body and long wheelbase ensure the flexibility of the vehicle , And it also has good back legroom , From the side, it is simple and compact , The roof is C The column has a downward trend , Plus the suspended effect , It's very popular with young people , In addition, black wheels and red brake calipers , Are different .

The tail is wide and full , But not bloated at all , Personally, I think it is more characteristic than the front design , The black trim panel with letter identification is connected to the left and right tail lights , It also makes the rear of the car wider , And the internal structure of the lamp group is clearly visible ,LED When the light source is lit, it is very attractive , The bottom is equipped with black enclosure and two-sided two-way exhaust , But what we see is the decoration of bilateral exhaust , The real exhaust funnel is hidden under the car .

The interior is simple , Red and black color matching is adopted , Make the atmosphere more active , The places often touched in the carriage are covered with soft materials and wrapped with leather , The workmanship can't pick out any big problems , The flat bottomed sports multi-function steering wheel is of moderate size , The suspended central control screen has improved the grade , And the front row is an integrated sports seat , It is more wrapped around the body .

configuration , The entry-level manual comfort model is equipped with the main and co driver's seat airbags 、 Front side balloon 、 Tire pressure display 、ESP Body stabilization system 、 Reversing radar 、 Reversing image 、 Cruise control 、 Hill auxiliary 、 Power sunroof 、 Keyless entry and start 、 Leather multifunction steering wheel 、17 Inch wheel 、10.25 Inch LCD instrument 、 Imitation leather seats 、10.25 Inch touch LCD screen 、 Voice recognition control 、 Car networking 、OTA Upgrade, etc. .

CVT Luxury , With driving mode switching 、 Automatic parking 、 Slow down the steep slopes 、 Non openable panoramic roof 、18 Inch wheel 、 Remote start , here we are CVT Noble type , Added active braking 、360 Degree panoramic image 、 Full speed adaptive cruise 、 Built in dash cam 、 Front seat heating , The top flagship is also equipped with lane departure warning 、 Lane keeping AIDS, etc , The function is all ready , Reasonable distribution , It's a pity that the panoramic sunroof can't be opened .

emgrand S The space is not particularly spacious , But it's enough for a family of five to travel , height 1.76 Meters of passengers sit in the back , Head and leg space are OK , The seat filler is quite sufficient , Can play a good role in supporting the body , But the trunk is small , The opening is a little smaller .

motivation , emgrand S Equipped with a four cylinder 1.4T Turbocharged engine , This engine has been used in many Geely models , Although the technology is not advanced enough , Fortunately, it is mature and stable , Maximum horsepower is 141 horse , The maximum torque is 235 cattle · rice , The match is 6 Manual and analog gears 8 In the way CVT transmission , In fact, the explosive force is not strong , Output smoothness , The acceleration performance in the middle is also OK , The average fuel consumption of one hundred kilometers is 6.5-8.0L Between .

The chassis adopts the front McPherson 、 Rear torsion beam type independent suspension , I usually drive in the city , The car is quite quiet , The chassis can also filter out a lot of bumps on the road , But when passing through speed bumps and some rotten roads , There are many rear suspension bouncing movements and aftershocks , The seismic filtering property is general , And the speed exceeded 80 after , Tire noise and wind noise are too large .

in general , Geely emgrand S Although there are some shortcomings , But there was no hard injury , Nice appearance , Good open easily , It can meet the car needs of most families , The discount is still a little small for the time being .

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