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The third generation Haval H6 offers a discount of about 6000 yuan, with rich configuration and spacious space, equipped with 1.5T and 2.0T

2021-08-26 04:25:42 Hong Tao said car

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hello , Hello everyone , I'm Hongtao. I said the car .

The Great Wall Haval is known as domestic SUV Leaders in , Its ace player is Harvard H6, Over the years, it has achieved excellent sales results , Also accumulated a very good reputation , Now the third generation of Harvard H6, Still much attention , Many netizens said they would include it in the pre selection target , Let's talk about the third generation of Harvard H6 How do you perform in all aspects ?

The third generation of haver H6 The guiding price of is 11.59-15.49 Ten thousand yuan , at present 4S In the store 6000 A discount of about RMB ( Different regions , There are differences in preferential intensity ), The actual transaction price is slightly higher than that of the second generation Haval sold in the same hall H6, In domestic compact SUV It's not particularly cheap , But it's not too expensive , In addition, evaluate whether a car is worth , It depends on its strength .

The third generation of haver H6 The appearance adopts the latest design style of the family , The polygonal grid in the front looks very imposing , The whole system is matrix LED headlight , The internal structure of the lamp cavity is relatively simple , When lit, the effect is outstanding .

The length, width and height of the whole vehicle are respectively 4653*1886*1730mm, It's the mainstream compact SUV The size of the , But small wheelbase has advantages , Reached 2738mm, Although the body has no particularly strong or sharp lines , But concise and full , Have a certain sense of power , The wheel hub styles are very nice .

Tail very “ plump ”, It adopts the popular through tail lamp , Make the rear wider , And it has some concave convex three-dimensional feeling , Bright red LED When the light source is lit, it is very recognizable .

The interior is simple and not simple , The center console is hierarchical , A lot of soft material covering and leather wrapping are used in the carriage , The workmanship can't pick out any big problems , Liquid crystal instrument and suspended central control screen have been upgraded , It can display rich vehicle information , The storage space in the front row is reasonably designed , It's easy to find a suitable place to store things commonly used , It's just that the smell of the new car is a little strong , It will be much better to open the window for ventilation for a period of time .

configuration , The third generation of haver H6 The entry-level version of is equipped with reversing radar 、 Reversing image 、 Cruise control 、 Multiple driving mode switching 、 Automatic parking 、 Hill auxiliary 、 Slow down the steep slopes 、 Keyless entry and start 、 Remote start 、 Leather multifunction steering wheel with gear shift 、10.25 Inch LCD instrument 、 Front row mobile phone wireless charging 、12.3 Inch touch LCD screen 、 Voice recognition control 、 Car networking 、OTA upgrade 、 Automatic air conditioning, etc , The functions are already very complete , Security configuration can also be reassuring , Air bag with driver's seat and passenger's seat 、 Front side balloon 、 Front rear head air curtain 、 Tire pressure display 、ESP Body stabilization system 、 Fatigue driving tips, etc .

To the medium and high configuration models , It also adds the auxiliary of parallel line 、 Lane departure warning 、 Lane Keeping Assist 、 Take the initiative to brake 、360 Degree panoramic image 、 Reverse vehicle side warning 、 Full speed adaptive cruise 、 Openable panoramic skylight 、HUD Head up digital display 、 Front seat heating, etc , The third generation of haver H6 The overall configuration level is at the same price SUV Medium is relatively high , Especially in the face of joint venture brand models , There are certain advantages .

The space performance is satisfactory , height 1.78 Meters of passengers sit in the back , Both overhead and leg space are spacious , There will be no crowding and depression , Air outlet of rear air conditioner , Head restraints and center armrests are equipped with , The seat filler is also sufficient , In addition, the volume of the trunk is large enough , Very practical , But the cushion is a little shorter , There is a slight lack of support for the thigh .

motivation , The third generation of haver H6 Carrying 1.5T and 2.0T Two turbocharged engines , among 1.5T Maximum horsepower is 169 horse , The maximum torque is 285 cattle · rice , The power is slightly weak when starting , But when the speed comes up, it has a certain explosive force , Matching 7 The gear shift of the wet double clutch transmission is active , It's just a slight setback when the oil is collected at low speed , And the brakes are not very linear , Just get used to it , The average fuel consumption of one hundred kilometers is 8.0-10L Between , The traffic jam will be a little higher , Road conditions and driving habits are different , Everyone's fuel consumption is also different .

2.0T Maximum horsepower is 211 horse , The maximum torque is 325 cattle · rice , The power reserve is obviously more abundant , When overtaking in the middle and rear section, you have a lot of confidence , The average fuel consumption of one hundred kilometers is 8.2-11L about , The chassis adopts the front McPherson 、 Rear multi-link independent suspension ,2.0T High configuration is also equipped with timely 4WD system , The adjustment has a solid and steady sense , At the same time, the vibration filtering performance of the chassis can also , The tire noise is obvious when passing through some rotten roads , The tire noise and wind noise are also slightly higher when running at high speed .

in general , No one is perfect , The car without the car , Although the third generation Harvard H6 There are some shortcomings , But its overall strength is very strong , The texture of the chassis is better than that of the second generation products , If the discount can be a little bigger, it will be more likable .

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