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Led by Haval beast and the new Tiguan L, it takes stock of the popular SUVs worth looking at at at Chengdu auto show

2021-08-26 04:25:55 SUV master

Chengdu auto show is coming , Recently, a number of new models have emerged in China's auto market , Among them, public Tiguan L、 Buick Encore flag 、 Harper beast 、 porsche Macan The new car will also appear in Chengdu . Let's take a look at the changes and highlights of these new cars first .

View of the public way L

View of path L It can be said that Volkswagen brand is at this level SUV Evergreen trees in the market , Whether it is the old Tiguan or today's Tiguan L, There has been a good market sales in China's auto market . And the launch of the new model , Although the change is not big , But there are still many upgrades worth appreciating .

aesthetic , New Tiguan L Little change , The front grille is updated from the original paragraph design to a flat banner shape , The upper and lower edges of the grille are integrated with the headlamp groups on both sides , And then with the front surround C Type C chrome strip , The overall impression is quite advanced .

Come to the back of the car , Although the new Tiguan L No through taillight design , But the folding lamp belt is matched with the four out exhaust decoration on both sides below , The design is still young .

New Tiguan L The body size is 4733*1839*1673mm, The wheelbase is 2791mm, Compared with cash Tiguan L The length of the model has increased 21 mm , But because the wheelbase data has not changed , Therefore, it is estimated that the interior space of the carriage will not change much . and R-Line Due to the difference of front surround design , The body size is 4735*1859*1677mm, The wheelbase is also 2791mm, The space experience is believed to be consistent with the ordinary version .

As can be seen from the above data , The interior upgrade of the new model mainly occurs in the design , Not space , The most obvious change is that the cash embedded central control screen is upgraded to a suspended design , Moreover, the size of the central control screen is also increased to 12 Inch . Combined with the through air conditioner air outlet in front of the passenger car , You can tell at a glance that this is a new Tiguan L models .

motivation , New Tiguan L Will continue to use 1.4T、 Low power 2.0T、 high power 2.0T Three pure fuel powertrain , And there's another one 1.4T Plug in hybrid power can be selected . engine-side ,1.4T The maximum horsepower of the entry version 150Ps, Low and high power 2.0T The maximum power of the engine is 186Ps and 220Ps, It can meet the travel needs of ordinary families .

Buick Encore flag

As a new model of the year ,2022 Angke banner still continues the appearance design of cash models , Adopt the flying wing design language of Buick family . In terms of body size , The body size of the new car is 4981*1953*1722(1726)mm, The wheelbase is 2863mm. It's worth mentioning ,Matrix whole LED Head lamp , It can realize the whole vehicle 26 Separate lighting zones , It also provides 3 Intelligent lighting mode , Technology sense .

interiors , The new car adopts the embracing design commonly used by Buick brand , A lot of soft materials 、 Piano baking paint will create a good sense of delicacy inside the car . Seat layout , The new car uses 2-3-2 Of 7 A layout , The Avia version uses 2-2-2 Of 6 A layout , More luxurious .

motivation , Buick enco flag 2.0T The engine , The most powerful 174kW, Maximum torque 350Nm. The engine has variable cylinder technology , Make the fuel consumption of the new car lower when cruising . Transmission in , It matches the engine GM The latest generation of 9 speed HYDRA-MATIC Intelligent gearbox , From word of mouth , There's no obvious weakness . It's worth mentioning , The new model is based on the old model , Joined the 48V Light mixed system . With the blessing of light mixing system , The traffic jam of the new Angke banner NVH Performance goes to another level .

Harper beast

The previous outflow of Harvard XY picture , Now the car is mass-produced in the name of haver beast . In terms of appearance , Harper beast uses “ Super space-time sharp Aesthetics ” Design language creation . The front face of the body is not much related to other models of Haval brand . The front air intake grille adopts a similar boundless star orbit design , Full of three-dimensional feeling .

Through the upper part of the grid LED Lamp with 、 Split headlights on both sides 、 The double tail wings at the rear , These designs are combined , Let the beast add a little different sense of movement . It is obvious from the body design of the divine beast , New car positioning focuses on young consumer groups .

Enter the interior of the car ,12.3 Inch LCD instrument +14.6 Double screen design composed of inch central control screen , It's a real eye opener . More technologically , Cancel most physical keys in the central control area , Even the shift mechanism is also updated to be of the open gear type , The overall look and feel is quite simple .

Although the interior design of the divine beast carriage is young , But the car space did not give up practicality , The body size is 4780*1890*1675mm, The wheelbase 2800mm. Such data, even with Harvard H6 contrast , The beast is growing 、 wide 、 Wheelbase and other data are still ahead , Naturally, there is no need to worry about the compartment space .

motivation , The Harper beast will carry 1.5T The engine +7 Speed wet double clutch power assembly , Maximum horsepower 185Ps. In the future, it will also launch lemon DHT Hybrid system models , Quite worthy of expectation .

porsche Macan

porsche Macan Dedication to Porsche brand sales , I don't need to say more . Recently, Porsche Macan Also ushered in a change , The new car will be unveiled at Chengdu auto show . aesthetic , The new car has made adjustments to the bumper , The design of banner air inlet grille surrounded by black . Four point headlights on both sides , The whole series is also equipped with Porsche dynamic lighting system as standard . And higher order GTS The model adopts more black paint symbolizing sports in the front design .

Enter the interior of the car , New Porsche Macan The central control adopts 10.9 Inch Full HD touch screen , Combined with the standard pointer clock of the whole system above , In addition to sports, there is also a sense of luxury .

How can we ignore the dynamic part when talking about Porsche models , The new Macan The entry-level model still uses 2.0T Turbocharged engine .Macan S And GTS The version will be equipped with higher-level 2.9 l V6 Twin turbocharged engines , The two versions are low-cost 、 There are two high-power adjustment modes . Transmission system , Matched with the engine is also a seven speed dual clutch transmission .


As the epidemic situation has been effectively controlled , The Chengdu auto show was able to continue . From the above four SUV Model , The new cars at Chengdu auto show are still full . If you're interested in new cars , You are also welcome to tell the master in the comment area .

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