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New car | the new younger Tiguan L is on the market. Is it worth 215800-281800?

2021-08-26 04:27:18 SUV master

Recently, the popularity of Volkswagen brand SUV Evergreen tree's new way view L list , The official price is 21.58-28.18 Ten thousand yuan . Return model products , Although the launch changes of the new models are few , But there are also many worthy upgrades .

aesthetic , The front grille is upgraded from paragraph design to flat banner design , The upper and lower edges of the grille are integrated with the headlamp groups on both sides , It brings a good sense of luxury .

New Tiguan L( Not R-line models ) The body size is 4733*1839*1673mm, The wheelbase is 2791mm, Compared with cash Tiguan L The length of the model has increased 21 mm , But because the wheelbase data has not changed , Therefore, it is estimated that the interior space of the carriage will not change much .

Interior design , The most obvious change is that the cash embedded central control screen is upgraded to a suspended design , Moreover, the size of the central control screen is also increased to 12 Inch . Coupled with a through air conditioner outlet , Make the inner atmosphere of the carriage much younger .

motivation , New Tiguan L Will continue to use 1.4T、 Low power 2.0T、 high power 2.0T Three pure fuel powertrain . among 1.4T The maximum horsepower of the entry version 150Ps, Low and high power 2.0T The maximum power of the engine is 186Ps and 220Ps, It can meet the travel needs of ordinary families .

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